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Suggestions for ETU Adventure for Free RPG Day

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  • Suggestions for ETU Adventure for Free RPG Day

    Hi there,

    I've been running an ETU campain for a few months now and I really enjoy it. My players do as well. So when my local gaming store was taking volunteers for a RPG Day Event I volunteered to run a session of ETU. I've introduced people to the game before and I basically run it tone wise as a combo of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Community. It usually translates into a lot of fun.

    I'm a little anxious running the game with a set time period for people I've never met before. I figure the best way to overcome that is to prepare and ask people for suggestions. For adventures I think I'm going to run the ETU one-sheet "Scavenger Hunt" and tweak it a little. It seems like a great, short, done in one adventure that really illustrates ETU's cool flavor. What do you all think? Is there a better pre-gen adventure?

    And we won't have time to make up characters. So this is probably where I'm weakest and need the most feedback. Any suggestions or feedback for pregenerated characters for a game that's being advertised for beginning to intermediate players? It would be about 4-6 players

    Thank you for your time and any help you can offer>

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    No advice on adventures, because even though I own them all, I have yet to run an ETU campaign. As for pregens, I would steal your players character sheets.


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      Do you have Degrees of Horror?
      if so, I can probably recommend some Savage Tales from there.

      The opening plot point, The Roost, works great for any number of participants. To really jazz it up, I'd play up the supernatural-ness of the opponent, get rid of the chukacabra, and MAYBE consider combining it with "Return to the Roost" second plot point.

      That sounds like an epic multi-act convention-level adventure that people will remember.
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        I'll second using The Roost opening plot point as a standalone game, I've done it a couple of times for a one-shot/con kinda game and it's worked out really well. Both times, I've just used the pregen characters you can get from the ETU Archetypes and let players tweak them a bit. I'll also add, you may need to be ready to do some kind of extra improv if your players blaze through the whole thing (or just do the second plot point as suggested above).

        Both times, players have been very enthusiastic and I know some of them have gone out and purchased ETU stuff because of it.


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          Thanks to everybody. I do have Degrees of Horror, and I actually have run the initial Roost adventure and I modified the return one for the campaign I was running. You've given me some stuff to think about.

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        I suggest the free one-sheet Redneckromancer, which you can find on the Pinnacle website. Even though it's not set on campus, it's dripping with ETU horror and absurdity. As far as pregens are concerned, I would start with the archetypes found in the book. As written they are starting characters with little or no occult experiences, so for a "convention game" intended for higher higher than 0XP characters you'll want to give them the skills and edges needed to survive.
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