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Are there any published adventures for Savage Worlds Fantasy?

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  • Are there any published adventures for Savage Worlds Fantasy?

    I am getting ready to run a fantasy campaign using Savage Worlds to a group of completely new RPGers, well one did play D&D years ago in HS. So I was wondering if there were any already published adventures or campaigns for fantasy using Savage Worlds?

    1. Are there any published adventures for Savage Worlds Fantasy?

    While I am at it, what fantasy supplements are actually the official "core" stuff? I have found several books but I do not know which ones would be considered the "core" fantasy ones that add to and/or assists the fantasy stuff in the SW Explorer ed.

    2. What Savage Worlds Fantasy books are "core" or "official"?

    The books I have found so far are:
    Savage Fantasy by Tom Harrison (doesn't look official)
    Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion (looks official)
    Savage Dragons (Fan made)
    Wizards and Warriors (has the Pinnacle logo)
    Plus a few other odd ones that do not look official at all.

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    Welcome (back?) to the forum.
    1) Yes, there are.
    Evernight setting - includes a campaign (adventure path, not Plot Point).
    The Tomb of Terrors Bundle including an adventure, pre-gen characters, and the Wizards & Warriors setting package.
    The Lankhmar setting has a number of adventures in it and for it.
    A few of the free one sheet adventures are for generic fantasy, but not many.

    2) Core is a different list from Official. Core: the Savage Worlds core rules (naturally), and the Fantasy Companion.
    From your list the Wizards and Warriors supplement is a kind of "sneak peak" at the full Fantasy Companion, and is largely superseded by the latter.
    I feel the need to give the Horror Companion an honorable mention. It's generally awesome.
    Then there are tons of fan made supplements to create their particular favorite kind of fantasy in Savage Worlds.

    Official fantasy settings include:
    Lankhmar - An official RPG based upon the Grey Mouser stories.
    Evernight - Basically an adventure path style campaign. This is one of the first Savage settings, and shows its age in a number of ways, notably the way melee weapon damage used to work.
    Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell includes a "traditional" fantasy setting to smash with the infernal content of the book.
    Low Life is a post apocalyptic fantasy setting, where the civilized races are cockroaches, snack cakes, and animate poo piles. The key is that the world takes itself seriously, even if the players are cracking up. There's a fair review here.
    50 Fathoms is a fantasy / Age of Sail mash up, combining high-seas swashbuckling, single-shot black powder weapons, and magic into a surprisingly satisfying whole.
    Solomon Kane - A self-contained RPG (for legal reasons) that is based upon the then-current Savage Worlds mechanics. The Plot Point Campaign inhabits and explores the world of the righteous puritan, even having him cross paths with the heroes at times, but continues the late Renaissance dark fantasy of the source stories.
    This list is by no means comprehensive, as publishers are putting out new settings seemingly all the time. One fun inversion is the Saga of the Goblin Horde, just to name a free-for-legal-reasons example.

    Good luck! I hope that helped some.
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    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      There are also Against the Orcs and Dungeon Crawl.
      Don't forget the old Savage Tale Noble Deceit.
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        Thanks for the great ideas everyone!


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          Reality Blurs also released 9x Old School Fantasy adventures for Savage Worlds, which you can buy from


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            Can't forget Hellfrost!


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              I published a few fantasy adventures in Shark Bytes many years ago ...


              Secrets of Goblin Gorge:

              And here's the Fantasy Issue:
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                Hellfrost from TAG is a decent fantasy seeing with several adventure and supplements. Beasts and Barbarians from Gramel is more Swords and Sorcery, with a good connection of one sheets and published adventures.


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                  I know this is probably slightly off-topic, however there's a Beasts & Barbarians humble bundle JUST NOW! You could get lot of useful stuff, adventures included, for a nice price. Google for Bundle of Holding Beasts & Barbarians, if interested.
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