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  • Flash Gordon Mongomancer Clerifications

    Ah conventions, the scourge of the forums! Joking aside, I bought the Flash Gordon pdf and am trying to create a Mongomancer (start with the most complicated, of course) and there are things that aren't spoken that makes it seem like it can be game breaking compared to the typical AB: Magic.

    What throws me is the Power Crystal mechanic. Even though Mongomancers start with 10 Power Points, it is stated that those Power Points are stored within a Power Crystal and that a small Power Crystal can hold 20 Power Points. Just based on this, it seems like if a new Mongomancer didn't cast magic for a day (keeping their 10 PP) then slept and whatever for 10 hours they would then have 20 PP for spells, which would be the equivalent of a Seasoned AB:Magic user. It also doesn't state if you could have multiple fully charged crystals that you could swap out. So here is my rationale for this mechanic (just so that I can finish the character and move on!)

    1) A Mongomancer must attune to a Power Crystal in order to use it, and a Power Crystal must be empty (0 PP) to attune. This means if they have a full small crystal and attune to a new crystal, they can't re-attune to the original crystal because it isn't empty. It could however be used to power equipment, and once drained it could be attuned to again.

    2) A Mongomancer acquires their crystal by purchasing it with their starting funds. This isn't stated, but seeing as it is the "key" to using AB: Magic, it could be assumed a Mongomancer gets a "freebie" since it isn't stated where they get their first crystal.

    3) As a Mongomancer gains more understanding of the crystal, they can use the crystal's power more efficiently. So even though a small crystal can hold 20 PP, a new Mongomancer can only get 10 uses out of a full small crystal. Eventually they'll figure out how to get 15 and ultimately 20 uses out of a small crystal. Beyond that, they would have to attune to a medium crystal and learn how to efficiently use that crystal and eventually move on to a large crystal...or they just attune to a large crystal right off and not worry about it.

    Is this the unspoken intentions of the Power Crystal mechanic? It's the only way I can make sense of it as a game mechanic that doesn't break the Power Points system.

    Sorry if it seems like I just restated my original question that hasn't been answered yet, but I'm just really wanting to get this character made and have a firm understanding of this version of AB: Magic so that I can start running the game This post was also done so that I have my ideas "on paper" to make sure it truly made sense to me, and this does.

    Thanks for reading, and thoughts, opinions, and official responses welcome!
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    I know I'm reading into this way too much, but this is how my brain works! Could a Mongomancer use their charged crystal to power a weapon? For example could a Hawkman Mongomancer with a flame lance use his power crystal to power the lance then pop it out for spell casting? Or would this be an "attunement" situation and a crystal can only be used for one purpose or the other? There would have to be math involved to determine how many uses of either case remained.


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      The important thing to remember is nothing about Mongomancy changes the core rules for Arcane Backgrounds except where specifically stated. Meaning the PPs available to a Mongomancer are their own just stored within an attuned crystal. With the same maximum, same rules for recovery, etc.

      Per the description <italics added>, "If the character loses their personal crystal or needs to upgrade to a bigger one, she can charge a new crystal, but starts at 0 Power Points." So they have a "personal' crystal which holds their PPs. If that crystal is lost or they want to switch to another, then they can charge the new one, but start at 0 PPs.

      It's not that the crystal "must be empty," but that the mongomancer starts charging the new crystal with their PPs from 0. That basically begins the attunement to making it their new personal crystal. If the old one shows back up, they couldn't use it as once they attuned to the new one (began charging) the points in the other crystal immediately faded without the connection to hold them.

      Hope that helps and clarifies!

      Clint Black
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        Thanks Clint! That does help a lot. The only other thing is using a personal power crystal to power a weapon. Would this be something like the PP are stored in the crystal at a different frequency than that of one for a weapon which makes them incompatible? I only ask these things because as a player I'd be Munchkiny enough to try it!

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        Nope. Power Points and charges are pretty much the same. As per Crystal Sensitivity, it recharges 1d6 PPs/charges, not one or the other but both.

        Problem is, mongomancers can only use the points from their attuned crystal, so other crystals don't help them. The opposite isn't true. A charged mongomancer's personal crystal could be used to power a device. Just figure the ratio of PPs to charges and always round up the use.

        Say a small crystal was full at 20 PPs and the mongomancer puts it in a raygun pistol (50 shots). So 1 PP is about 2.5 shots, but if the character fires even a single shot, it would be down 1 PP if removed for casting because the use rounds up. Realistically, that would likely be a very rare occurrence in game as no mongomancer would want their personal crystal used in that way when it's easy enough to get a "normal" one.