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ETU Degrees of Horror, anything else needed?

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  • ETU Degrees of Horror, anything else needed?

    I have ETA and degrees of Horror. I know of the pinebox adventures, and I recall when reading through DoH that there are some links; are they necessary for the campaign? Is it easy to tie them in?

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    Not necessary, mostly easy to tie in. Exception for Chickens in the Mist - TPK con mods are hard to weave into any campaign.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      You don't need any of the Pinebox adventures. That said Curse of the Black Guard is a really useful adventure because the Savage Tales in Degrees of Horror have several sequels to this adventure that in turn become basically a mini plot point campaign. The sequels can easily be run without the adventure, but it does introduce who will be the "big bad" of that arch as well as gives an adventure for Freshman to round out the campaign (there's an adventure for every other year in the Savage Tales). I also agree with Chickens of the Mist, that it is designed to be a TPK machine, I've ran it in campaigns with very experienced players and characters that had built up decent resources, but even then it was a close call for them to survive.


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        Yeah, I saw the sequels and wasn't sure how to work those in without the first episode

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      I highly recommend Bloodlines. It's a fun three part adventure and it's my favorite of all of ours. Fits in great with ETU as well.


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        You can steal story ideas from Deadlands and Rippers, but that isn't necessary.

        I especially like the Deadlands book of tall tails that had things like an immortal witch and flowers that drove people into a fighting frenzy. It's really easy to adapt them to other times/places.