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Mass Effect and Dead Space on last parsec

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  • Mass Effect and Dead Space on last parsec

    It's possible to introduce dead space's necromorphs and equipaments and the Mass Effect characters in Last Parsec Universe?

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    I think the Necromorphs would be easy to introduce...the Mass Effect races...not so sure about that one.


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      DS: Possible? Yep.
      Easy? Yeah, actually. Necromorphs are designed to be inserted into other settings and stories, as most good horror monsters are. You just needs some ancient obelisks that use weird magics to drive the living mad and animate / transform the dead.
      ME: Possible? Sure.
      Easy? Nope. The Asari, Salarians, Turians, and Krogan all have thousands of years of history and defined roles in their setting, but fitting them within the Last Parsec history would be a bit tricky. Unless you decided to put them in their own corner, and create a first contact situation - that would still have a number of compromises, but would be possible.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Like mentioned, porting the Mass Effect races "whole cloth" into another setting will not be easy. Primarily because of their rich history, but also because of their abilities. I found they worked best as +4 races when I started working on a Mass Effect conversion setting over two years ago. It was put on hold, but this thread renewed my interest in the project. You can find previews of how I handled the races there (though I'm pretty sure some changes had been made since then).

        If you don't care about the history and simply want to use the builds, there's the point difference to contend with. You are welcome to bastardize my builds to make it work though.

        PS - SkyMarshall did a Dead Space conversion you might find useful.
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          I was happy with my +2 versions of them.

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        Generally porting races and cultures into a setting really doesn't work. I've seen it happen, but only with races specifically designed to be slotted into game settings, and even then they were given additional history detailing their interactions with other races. I'm porting a race from another system into the science fiction setting I'm writing, but I'm also ignoring most of their history and writing a new one.

        For necromorphs, the idea is easy to port, although for the lore they'd have to be something recently encountered. I'd honestly take the basic idea, and change it to some form of explicit viral weapon that takes over dead biological matter and rebuilds it into new forms, instead of the lore from the original games (which really doesn't fit with TLP). But then again I draw monsters from everywhere and anywhere and just change the origin, or sometimes not even that, there's nothing wrong with borrowing from elsewhere.

        For equipment, yes. Unless it's weapons or armour just jot down what it does and estimate a cost, if it is just find a close approximation and change a value or add a trait. If something's really good it could give a +2 to a roll, or a +4 for cutting edge stuff, otherwise don't bother giving it rules beyond 'it does this'.