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Last Parsec vs. Sci-Fi Companion

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  • Last Parsec vs. Sci-Fi Companion

    Just a couple quick questions: Other than fluff, adventure seeds and setting material, is there anything in any of The Last Parsec books that would be useful to a sci-fi campaign that isn't already in the Sci-Fi Companion? Is there anything that The Last Parsec does differently than the Sci-Fi Companion? Are there sci-fi mechanics exclusive to The Last Parsec? I'm talking strictly mechanics and rules here.
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    New Gear: TLP introduces a few new genre-universal concepts, like high-tech handcuffs, electronic lockpicks (for electronic locks), energy cages, gravity traps/mines, synthetic rope, and vital transmitter implants.
    New Modifications: Starships can use upgraded FTL drives and install self-destruct mechanisms. Vehicles can now be given legs in lieu of wheels or tracks.

    There are also setting rules for a slightly different, more detailed hyperspace mechanic, as well as rules for "jumping blind" and the dangers that can entail.
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      Many thanks, good sir! It's just that a translated version of The Last Parsec is going to get a kickstarter soon in my country and I've been thinking whether or not to invest in it. I'll admit that the setting fluff didn't really "grab me" at all, so I wanted to know if there was anything interesting in it mechanically that would make it worthwhile to me, since I already have the Sci-Fi Companion. I couldn't find any info on that anywhere on the web. I'm still on the fence, to be honest. I'm not a huge sci-fi fan. The only sci-fi settings I see myself running or playing in would be some Star Wars adaptation or something in the vein of Guardians of the Galaxy.