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  • Rome setting and Adventure Edition

    Hi everyone - I am new here and new to Savage Worlds. I have a copy of the Adventure Edition and would like to run the older Rome setting. As someone new to the game is there anything I need to look out for in terms of converting the older stuff to the new or will it work pretty seamlessly?

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    There are a couple of changes (actions work a bit differently, they got rid of the charisma meta-stat, etc). Check the Pinnacle download page for the SWADE conversion doc. It should have most of what you need.


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      Welcome to the forum and to Savage Worlds!

      The Adventure Edition rulebook already has a brief overview of the changes on page 30, in the skills chapter. It doesn't cover everything, but as Doctor Crunch pointed out, a free download is available that goes into more detail.

      In general, most of the system remains the same. If your older setting lists an Edge or Hindrance, simply use the newer version. 99% of the time you'll have no issues. Sometimes an older Edge might have wording like, "...the target receives -2 to Parry..." or "... the target subtracts 2 from attacks." In this case, apply either the Distracted or Vulnerable condition instead, whichever seems the best fit.

      And lastly, if you have any specific questions on how to convert older material, do not hesitate to ask. Everyone here is super friendly and usually more than eager to help out a fellow "savage". Many of us have our own unique play-styles, and you'll likely get a few different opinions. There is no "wrong way" to play, and you should be able to find the answer that best serves your style.
      Good Luck, and Happy Gaming!


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        Welcome! Both to the forums and to Savage Worlds.
        I hope you have a great time.

        As already stated, you should be mostly fine. There is a Deluxe => Adventure conversion guideline here (for free).

        There are a few skills that got folded together (Climbing + Throwing + Swimming = Athletics; Survival + Tracking = Survival; etc.), the mechanics of several abilities and Edges were changed, Charisma was deleted (and everything that affected it got changed), and the way Actions in a Turn work had a major overhaul, but the older material is pretty playable with the new rules.

        Sadly, Weird Wars: Rome has not had an official update / conversion. So, when specific issues come up you'll have to make something up or ask a knowledgeable person - and most of this forum is willing to share our knowledge.

        Good luck and I hope that helps.
        I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.