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    KoM- Flash Adventures - various pages - Some the Yellow/Red text box parts is showing up outside of it in the text right bellow the box on pages with them. (The page has some color line steaks in it that it ought not to.)

    KoM - General- Text in various places references to events after the overthrow of Ming and of other time periods from when the game is set to occur. This makes the info difficult to read as different parts of the text are contradicting other sections of text for that Kingdom. Arboria has lots of these sections where on part of the text is written after the time of when the game is set and others when the game is set. The Kingdom of Tropica also for example has problems cause of this I noticed and it got very frustrating to read.

    KoM Pg 134-135 The text says Gundar and Desira plan to resist Ming, but Ming was overthrown before these events described on the pages right before. Also, the Core Flash Gordon games contradicts this info as it is set before this occurs in the comic strips. Also, Gundar becomes Desira's consort and marries her at the end of Flash's Adventures in Tropica. The RPG is set before these events, but the text on Tropica is confusing as it goes on then goes on to later say Gundar is still a raider and contradicts the event set up in other text areas.

    FG - Races are built as 4point races according to race creation, but several in the book are built with more and less points.


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      Not clear what you mean by "Races are built as 4 point races." Races get 4 free points ... then any additional positive abilities must be balanced with negative ones. I assume you mean 4 points total after summed up? Earthlings have two 2 point abilities, for a total of 4 points. Lion men, have 5 points of positive abilities, and 1 negative, again for a total of 4 points.

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    Archetypes Pg. 3 Dwarf- Flisk - The character has 2 Hindrance Points that are unspent.

    Archetypes Pg. 7 Lion Man – Themba – The character has overspent Hindrance Points and can’t be made using the character generation rules. (Has +1 attribute points or an Edge that she shouldn’t posses as a result.) (Also, note that Lion Man in the Core Flash Gordon book is a +3 race and not a +4 race which may be why the character can’t be built since races are supposed to be +4 according to the race creation rules in the core FG book.)

    Archetypes Pg. 8 Lizard Man - "Yithanir" - In the Wall Walkers Special Ability description it says "horizontal surface" it ought to say "vertical surface".

    Archetypes Pg. 8 Lizard Man - "Yithanir" – The Character’s Arcane Background (Psionics) doesn’t indicate the School (see FG Core pg. 82).( It is the School of Empathy based on the powers the character has.) Trappings are also missing for the character’s Psionic Powers.

    Archetypes Pg. 8 Lizard Man - "Yithanir" – The character can’t be made as with the character creation rules. It overspent 2 Hindrance Points.

    Archetypes Pg. 9 Monglian – “Sergeant Velgis” - . The Enemy (Minor) Hindrance the character has doesn’t specify who the enemy is. (The descriptive text for the character makes it seem like this is Captain Maki.)

    Archetypes Pg. 10 Robot – “MC-43-701” aka “Rocky” – The Hindrance Wanted (Major) doesn’t indicate what the character is wanted for.

    Archetypes Pg. 10 Robot – “MC-43-701” aka “Rocky” – The Vow (Major) that the character has as a Racial Ability isn’t specified as to indicate what the vow is.


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      I only looked at Archetypes Pg. 7 Lion Man – Themba. There is nothing wrong with her Hindrances. One Major and two minor, as usual. All I can think of is that you are counting her racial hindrance against her total, which they don't. She starts with a d6 in Strength (note that she _is_ indeed missing "Strong" under Special abilities), so her attributes balance out at 0. She then picked up two Edges to balance her Hindrances. Other than the missing ability under Special abilities, she looks fine.

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    KoM pg 140 & 141 - The first partial paragraph on page 141 should be the first thing on page 140, and what is on pg 140 should be at the top of the second column of text on page 141.


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      The Construct Ability on p.34 states that "[Constructs] ignore one level of wound modifiers" (as per sci-fi companion) but the Construct ability listed under the Robot race on p. 31 states that "[Robots] don’t suffer wound modifiers". I assume the former is correct.


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        NPC robots don't take wound modifiers. PC constructs ignore 1 wound level.

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      There are two different versions of the Arborian Longbow, one in the main book and one in the Kingdoms of Mongo book.
      The one in the main book as a minimum strength of d8 and costs 200 while the one in KoM has no minimum strength at all and costs 500. Also, the one in KoM has the addition of increased damage if the hero has a d8 or better shooting skill. Which is correct?
      Also, the quiver weighs 4 lbs. That seems very heavy for a quiver, the main SW book has the weight at 2 lbs.


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        p. 54 It isn't clear how you escape from the Net Gun's net, and the entangled rules on page 70 don't help. Is it an ordinary strength roll to escape? Or is it opposed by the user's shooting die?

        p. 55 Shotgun's range, shots, and weight are copied from the rifle, e.g. it has incorrect range of 24/48/96.

        p. 55 Tommy Gun has incorrect range (should be 12/24/48) and incorrect AP (should be 1). Looks like these were accidentally copied from the rifle as well.


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          p. 146 The entry for Dragon Men says that their Bite/Claw attacks have a damage of Str+d4, but the table listing Positive Racial Abilities on p. 35 says that Natural Weaponry has a damage of Str+d6. For a race that is as powerful as the Dragon Men, one would assume they would have as strong a bite/claw attacks as is available to characters. Also, despite their being 'powerful', the Dragon Men should be available as a Player Character race, if the GM allows them of course.