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    pg 41, Defender Edge: "Any time a victim suffers damage within the Defender's Agility..." What does that mean? Number of inches as a range? Points of damage on the damage die?

    pg 52, Second heading of Atom Guns should probably be Rust Guns, according to description.

    pg 53, Stunned state: Why isn't this with the new states on pg 70? Also, needs clarification that the Vigor checks are made at the start of the character's turn, or is it every single turn for every single combatant?

    pg 71, Tricks: With the creation of Athletics (Agility), there are no more Strength-based skills, so you may want to remove the reference to Strength-based skills at the end of the first paragraph of this section.

    pg 81, Magic: The power crystal used as a focus does not match the costs of any power crystal used as ammunition (pg 54). They cost far less than any of them, and weigh more than the small and medium ones. You might consider making them comparable in terms of a weight-cost ratio, or simply use the small power crystal as the basis.

    pg 81, Magic: Also, can a Mongomancer use larger power crystals to gain more power points or increase the effectiveness of their magic?


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      Pg. 46 & 48 (Possible Error) Diving Suit is on both the Armor & Shields table and on the Adventuring Clothing Table. Also the Diving Helmet is only on the Armor & Shield Table.

      Pg 56 (Typo) - Bombs - The Light and Medium ones are missing a period at the end of the Notes text for them. (The Heavy one is ok.)

      Pg.60 - 66 Several Vehicles do not have a cost given for them. (Due Note: That many are unique or ones that a PC would not have access to normally.)

      Pg. 61 Frigi-Car (Possible Error) - The text indicates that this isn't a car but a cannon. Check to see if name, etc. is correct.

      Pg. 61 (Typo) Magnificent Artillery Unit (M.A.U.) - in the text "M.AU.s" ought to be "M.A.U.s"

      Pg. 64 (Possible Error) Space-gyro - Has no "Notes" in stats text so it isn't clear if the vehicle has Notes or not, and if it ought to the ones it has are not known.

      Pg, 65-66 (Possible Error) Rocket Submarine, Scout Car, and Triphbian have a "Type:" entry in stats no other vehicles have a "Type:" given in stats.


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        Pg. 29 Mongolians are described as having ochretinged skin like Ming and King Baron, but latter strip and even the new depictions of King Baron that was done for the game doesn't match this. (The original strips had a very Asian look to Mongoloians that was latter removed and subsequent depictions removed this for most characters who were depicted one way in earlier strips.) So it isn't clear how they ought to be depicted. Also orchetinged may be a spelling error or typo since orcher is the English word to describe the color. Orche is the old Middle French word the color.

        Pg. 46. Electro Shield - No information on how recharging is done is given and on what powers the electro shield. (The rechrging makes it uncler if the shield will automatically regain armor or if requires being charged some way or can use some means of power storage to regain armor.)

        Pg. If the Autograpnel can be used multiple times is not clear. Nor is it i some special ammo or power is needed to fire it. How long the winch's power last isn't given. Nor is any info on replacement power. Finally if some one were to use it as weapon by shooting the spear head tip at a person or monster isn't covered as no damge is given if this is done.

        Pg. 47 Flying Belt - Fuel cost isn't given for replacement fuel.

        PG 47-48 Some equipment doesn't indicate what it uses for power, how long the power supply lasts, and replace cost of power. The Radiophone and Pain Manacles are 2 such items.

        Pg. 49 Food and Drink - Alcane (bottle) - No description of what Alcane is is in the book.

        Pg. 49 Food and Drink - Vokko (bottle) - No description of what Vokko is is in the book.

        Pg. 51 Hand to Hand Weapons - Lance Flaming, Sword Flaming, Shockstick, Silver and Whip Electric don't indicate wht they use to power flame or electrical shock and how much power usage they have and cost of power used.

        Pg. 51 Whip, Electric - The Notes column says "charge to stun" it ought to say "chance to stun"


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          Okay, this just bugs me:

          Page 26, Coralian: "which increases the maximum a like amount"
          Page 27, Dwarf: "This increases the Trait's maximum a like amount"
          Page 27, Earthling: "This increases the Trait's maximum a step as well"
          Page 28, Giant: "This increases the Trait's maximum two steps"
          Page 29, Hawkman: "This increases the Trait's maximum a step"
          Page 29, Lion Man: "This increases the Trait's maximum a like amount"
          Page 30, Lizard Man: "This raises their limit by one as well"
          Page 32, Shark Man: "This increases the Trait's maximum a like amount"
          Page 34, Attribute Increase: "This increases the Trait's maximum a like amount"

          It would be a lot clearer to just say "This Trait can be advanced to d12+1" (d12+2 for Giants), and for the Attribute Increase rule, perhaps "The Trait can be advanced beyond d12 by +1 each time it's taken".

          By the way, while looking for a clear description of trait limit increases in the core rules, I found an error: on SWDEE page 22, Making Races, +3 Abilities: "Begin with a d8 in one attribute and may raise it to a d12+2 via normal advancement; the Expert and Master Edges may raise it to a d12+4". This should be "the Professional and Expert Edges".



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            Page 75 Fork/Trident (possible error): Trident has the exact same damage, weight, and cost as a Longsword, but also has Parry +1 and Reach 1.

            Surely this must be a mistake? I assume trident should be Str+d6 damage instead. Otherwise, why would anyone use a Longsword when the Trident has no downside?


            • jgreely
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              Probably missing "2 hands", since a trident is a type of spear.

            • TheCapedCrusader
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              The standard trident could also a d6 two-handed weapon. The power trident of the Atlanteans used in the Super Powers Companion (second edition) does Str+2d6 - which includes the +1d6 for being a powered weapon from the Sci-Fi Companion. So, if we assume consistency through all Companion books, the argument could be made.

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            Page 51: Fork/Trident, Lance, and Flaming Lance should all have "2 hands" in Notes. I think Flaming Lance should also be "AP 2 when charging" like Lance, not just "AP 2".

            Page 70 (typo): Bound, "is Distracted and, Vulnerable".

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              Pg. 51 (Possible Error) Scimitar and Swod, Long have the same stats but the Scimitar costs more for some reason.


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                Not errata for the RPG, but for the Cliffhanger token in the Cliffhanger Cards set.

                The front and the rear image are two different sizes. Buck's side is about 6.5 cm wide, Ming's side is about 5.75 cm wide. That means that, when printed, the back half won't cover up the front half, leaving about half a centimeter of white space. These should be be 6.5 cm.


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                  The Cliffhanger Cards, at least as printed on an HP OfficeJet Pro, are hard to read. The Conviction/Draw/Refill icons are muddy, the dot-pattern background combines poorly with the small, center-aligned body text, and there are no margins (see the third line of the "Perilous Portal!" card). The all-caps "Flash" font is annoying enough in the book, but is terrible on the cards, due to the size; the sixth card looks like its title is "REIN FORCEMENTS!" due to the unkernable "F".

                  I'd suggest increasing the size of the card titles, brightening the icons, and lightening the background of the (left-aligned, please!) body text.


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                    Archetypes - some errors in the Flash Gordon Archetypes book.

                    General- Attribute/skill increases/decreases if any due to race aren't indicated in Special Abilities.

                    Pg. 4 Giant - "Jaqamobah" - The character is built usin the Giant race which has a problem regarding its cost in the core Flash Gordon RPG book. It may need to be updated/fixed since the Giant race can't be built using the race creation rules in the core Flash Gordon book as it has too many racial abilities that it ought to have given the rules and drawbacks the race has.

                    Pg. 6 Earthling- "Captain Artie Scoutt" - The text mentions the Wold Space Council, but no information on this organization is give in the PDF or in the Flash Gordon core RPG book.

                    Pg. 9 (Possible Errors) Mongolian - "Sergeant Velgis" - The text says that Ming has mandate regarding hair length, but several characters in the strip and in the new art done for the core Flash Gordon RPG book have long hair and are not bald. (Admittedly early strips had men depicted men as bald and with more oriental features, but this was changed in latter strips. As the offensive racist stuff from the strip began to be less prominent.) Also the character's skin color in the picture doesn't fit with what the main Flash Gordon core RPG book says Mongonian skin color is.

                    Pg. 10 (Possible errors and Clarification needed) Robot - “MC-43-701” aka “Rocky” - Text says left arm was augment with built in "ray gun", illustration shows left arm is now a gun with no hand, and it isn't clear if not having a left arm with hand is a Hinderance and stats make it seem that robot has a ray gun and arm isn't augmented with one since ray gun is just listed as gear with no indication it is part of arm. The lack of left hand does prevent the robot from using certain items and doing certain tasks. The background says that Zarkoz and a group of Power Men reprogrammed the robot, which is a problem given that the Power Men are encountered much latter in the comic strip's timeline which is latter than when the game is set.

                    Cliffhanger Cards

                    The Cliffhanger Cards have no card backs for them. No assembly instructions are given except for printing and one how to make the Flash/Ming Token card. Also it is difficult to determine where one card ends and another begins do to not having a guideline on were to cut them apart.


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                      The Water Pressure Gun appears to have different definitions between the The Savage World of Flash Gordon and The Kingdoms of Mongo.

                      .........................................Range ....Damage ....RoF ....AP ....Shots ....Weight ....Cost
                      Water Pressure Gun ..5/10/20 ......2d6 ............1 ........— .......10 .............2 .........200ӎ FG
                      Water Pressure Gun ..5/10/20 ......2d6 ............1 ........— .........1 ...........10 .........100ӎ KM


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                        For Atom Splitting Rays, it talks about atom-cores being connected to allow 100 shots and says price is listed for each weapon below, but I'm not seeing the prices.
                        Also, the Mega version does the same damage as the Massive version, is this correct?
                        And I noticed that with these vehicle weapons (in the Kingdoms of Mongo book) there is a Mod Slot cost listed that wasn't listed for the vehicle weapons in the main book, implying that these use the modular modification rules from the Sci-Fi Companion. Some of the vehicles also have Sci-Fi Companion style vehicle additions.
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                          For the most recent updated PDF:

                          Parachute (page 47): the parachute says that it requires an Agility roll at –2 to land safely (–4 at night), but the only consequences for failing this roll is on a critical failure (which isn't affected by penalties). What does a normal failure on this Agility roll actually entail?
                          Fork/Trident (page 51): With the recent change, this is now simply a heavier, more expensive spear. Are there unlisted benefits to the trident (a bonus to disarm, perhaps)?
                          Typo (page 52): "Treat any substance hit by an Atom Fire gun as flammable" should read "Treat any substance hit by a Rust Gun as flammable."
                          Tommy Gun (page 55): Possibly not a mistake, but as noted in the SFC, the Auto descriptor should be replaced by Semi-Auto, since they do the same thing: the gun has the option to fire in single-shots and use Double Tap (in addition to firing full-auto).
                          WRECKED (page 78): This is repeated twice on the same page.
                          My thoughts, musings, and general character adaptations on Savage Everything. Now featuring Suppressive Fire that actually works!


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                            Ice Bear (page 154 to 155): Supposedly much smaller than polar bears (SWD; Bear, Large; Size +2) but listed as Size +3, 9' and 1000 lbs - the larger end of the polar bear size range.
                            I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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                              Based on the changes to grappling, the Constrictosauruses (pg. 145, and one-sheet) and Strangler Vine (pg. 167) ... and probably others ... need to have an Athletics skill.
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                                See the notes at the beginning of the bestiary. It can use its d10 Strength.

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                                Ah yes ... page 141. Easy to miss.