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  • Flash Gordon RPG Errata

    Hi Gang,

    Just putting this here to eventually compile any errata from Flash Gordon (if it's from Kingdoms of Mongo, please put "KoM" at the beginning).

    Be aware this thread is solely for posting actual errata, not asking general questions on the book or discussing any posted errata. It's really tough for us to compile the errata when the thread is cluttered up with extraneous posts, so please don't make it harder for us. We'll have a general discussion thread here for such things...

    Or feel free to start a new thread for anything else related to the book (and of course questions on the rules in the books can be posted in the Official Answers topic for other products).

    Thanks all and we really do appreciate all the help!
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    Enjoying the thing so far
    * I lost it, but there is an "and" that did not have a space between it and the prior word, but I am not finding it (perhaps some else will find it/better search)
    * Page 78
    ** Under Weapon Arcs, the second paragraph goes into things about critical hits. It reads likes the large capital ships from SciFi companion where they only take 1 wound. But information is missing here.
    ** Under Rocket Critical hits, it notes you take a wound/crit if you fail the disaster. Its unclear if that is in addition to the normal "out of the chase" or replaces that outcome.

    That as far as I got
    Left is Death!


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      What I've found so far:

      (typewriter quotes instead of real quotation marks and apostrophes, everywhere but Sam Jones' foreword)

      Page 1 (typo): missing period, "Sam J Jones".

      Page 2 (formatting): "The Wood Beast" should be indented as part of Jones' foreword.

      Page 2 (typo): missing space, "Core Savage WorldsSetting Rules". (line break in header w/o space)

      Page 2 (typo): missing space, Dyzan, the God ofGreat Cruelty". (line break in header w/o space)

      Page 3 (typo): no colon after "Chapter One" in The Ultrabrain campaign entry.

      Page 3 (formatting): "Monstrous Abilities" shouldn't be indented.

      Page 28: Giant, "Environmental Resistance (Cold): +4 to Vigor rolls to resist heat, −4 to cold-based damage." should be "resist cold".

      Page 29 (typo): "located five-thousand feet above" should be "five thousand".

      Page 30 (inconsistent wording): Lizard Man Agility, "raises their limit" compared to "increases the Trait's maximum" for other races.

      Page 30: Lizard Man "Wall Walkers" description should be "rough vertical surface", not "rough horizontal surface".

      Page 35 (typo): Natural Weaponry, "he can bite a grappled for full damage", should be "a grappled foe".

      Page 46/48: Diving Suit is listed both as Armor and as Adventuring Clothing. I suggest replacing the Notes on p46 with a "see page 48".

      Page 47 (font error): cost of lantern oil looks like a swirly, even though the character is Unicode Cyrillic m-with-tail "ӎ" like other prices.

      Page 48 (typo): Visophone, "Mongolmile" should be "Mongomile".

      Page 50 (typo): Heal-O Ray, "which neutralize poisons" should be "neutralizes".

      Page 50 (mrr?): Heal-O Ray, the "penetro ray" sentences are poorly worded ("penetro-ray, can do the above", "they can also"). Also, every other reference in the book is written "healo-ray".

      Pages 51-52 (formatting): even/odd row coloring is broken at "Knife, Clasp", "Spear", "Whip, Electric", and "Bow".

      Page 54 (typo): "communications devides".

      Page 55: Sleep Guns have the same description as Signal Weapons.

      Page 55 (formatting): font size change in middle of sentence: Slugthrowers description, after "one small power crystal"

      Page 56 (typo): Cold Cannon description "Aucess means he's entangled".

      Page 57: Dust Dispenser poison/sleep descriptions are reversed.

      Page 57 (formatting): font size change in middle of sentence, after "Dust dispensers cost 50K".

      Page 61 (typo): M.A.U. "route enemies" should be "rout enemies".

      Page 72 (typo): first paragraph, "Savave Worlds". Heroes/Villians Never Die, "might be revealed to as a reflection".

      Page 81 (mrr?): Psionics, "Psions of Mongo develop unearthly violet eyes their psionic abilities manifest.".

      Page 96 (typo): "that;s".

      Page 98 (typo): "Fria, Queen of Fria".

      Page 102 (typo): "and fears of losing it all in a pitched air battle."

      Page 112 (mrr?): Hall Of Torture: "Adjacent to the cells of Ming's own unregulated prison a chamber of horrors".

      Page 112 (typo?): Throne Room, "mingoyard" (only use; compare to mongomile, mongohour, etc).

      Page 113 (typo): "Supereme".

      Page 115: "A serial in three exciting chapters" should be "four exciting chapters".

      Page 127 (formatting): Psi-student, "Arcane Background" shouldn't be half-bold.

      Page 149 (typo/formatting): "Webbing: A gas-spiders may cast a web" should be singular and not half-bold.

      Page 156: Lizard Man "Wall Walkers", same error as page 30.

      Page 170 (typo): Tree Lizard, "These green-skinned, reptiles".

      Page 177 (dictionary alert!): "She's often extremely jealous of Mongo's less-prurient competition."

      Page 177 (typo): "United States' Army".

      Page 179: Prince Barin is missing "Arcane Background (Weird Science)" and skill "Weird Science", required to use Mongo-Tech, as well as power points and a list of powers.

      Page 179 (typo): missing space: "COUNTBULOK". Also, missing comma: "wears a patch over his left eye having lost it a decade ago".

      Page 179 (typo): "She tends to stay our of matters relating to the rebellion".

      Page 181 (typo): "possessing of a highly-skilled military mind."

      Page 183: Grand Dragon "Wall Walkers", same error as page 30.

      Page 183 (mrr?): "most debate the validity of these claims", maybe should be "doubt"?

      Page 184 (typo): "Jack-f-All-Trades".

      Page 184: Ming is missing "Arcane Background (Weird Science)" and skill "Weird Science", required to use Mongo-Tech, as well as power points and a list of powers. (spotted by Talison, below)

      Page 185 (typo): "a sharp crack is heard from a towering peek!"

      Page 186 (typo): "give the player a token of some sort)"

      Page 186 (gender mismatch): "he has a Complication of some sort", rest of paragraph is "she".

      Page 186 (typo): missing comma, "Here are some of the most common and rules for integrating them".

      Page 190 (typo): "Burning Wastelands. See Firey Desert".

      Page 190 (typo): "Catasrophes"

      Page 190/191: "Desert of Fire" should have a "see also" for "Fiery Desert". Maybe cross-reference on page 104 as well, to make sure it's understood they're the same thing.

      Page 191 (formatting): index entry for Ming, Mingo City, and Power Points are filled with random bold characters, and Mongo is mixed in with Ming.

      Page 192 (formatting): index entry for Volcano World, more random boldface.
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        This is what I've found so far (I've gotten up to to the section on deities):

        p.47: Basic Equipment - Flying Belt has no weight or cost indicated.

        p.52: Typographic error - Table heading "Primative Ranged Weapons". Should be "Primitive".

        p.52: Typographic error - Atom Gun description. Missing period after "Extras Incapacitated by atom pistols are blasted to atoms"

        p.52: Repetition - "Rust gun" entry has the same heading ("Atom Guns") as the previous entry. Should this be "Atom-Fire Guns"?


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          p. 87 (typo) Under Stun (Revised) Area of Effect it refers to the confusion power.

          p.41 (opinion) The Defender edge is a bit confusing and possibly should have some clarification: does the character with the Defender edge actually move to intercept the attack? If not, how do they take the damage for something like a grenade? Should also perhaps have a caveat the character being protected cannot also have the Defender edge to prevent two characters with the Defender edge from taking damage for each other.
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            (Opinion) Stunned on the bottom of page 53 seems to me be in left field since it is a Character State. I feel that it needs to be under New States (p70).

            There’s a strangle little background artifact on page 9 on bottom-left between “Cartoon versions”
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              pg. 9 The Filmation movie Flash Gordon The Greatest Adventure of Aall was done before the 2 season TV series. NBC wanted it expended into a series and somethings changed. It didn't air on TV (IN The US.) until 1982 and get a latter laser disk release(In Japan) till after the TV series had ended though. The text makes it seem that the TV series was done before the movie. The TV series only aired before the finished movie.

              pg. 26-32 Races of Mongo - All of the races are in alphabetical order except for Mongonian, pg. 29 which is before the "L" races instead of behind them.

              Pg. 96 Fiery Desert - The text says Gundar has respect for Queen Desira an Flash Gordon, but Gundar hasn't encountered them yet and gained respect for them, based on when the game is set during Flash Gordon's adventures on Mongo, since Prince Brazor hasn't yet attempted to steal the Queen Desira's throne which eventually leads to Queen Desira, Flash Gordon, etc. encountering him (The 1943 strips events haven't occurred yet based on the time of the game and other text like Price Bazor's description).
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                Here's a couple more:

                p.91: Typographic error (gender mismatch): Zoga the Prophet - "She is also brother to Zogi, the late high priest..." Should be "He is also brother"

                p.110: Typographic error - Temple of Tao entry. "a string of potential candidates have been called up to enter the long, vetting process." "have" should be "has" (the subject here is "a string", not "candidates"), and omit the comma after "long".


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                  Page 22: "Scientest: Most advanced kingdoms..." Text has "advances"


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                    Page 152: For Hawkmen it says “They fly at their natural Pace and Climb at a rate equal to half this score” but then have a climb of 0 listed.

                    How does Ming use the Mongo Tech advantage without the Arcane Background.


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                      Page 58: Should there be a description for "Halftrack? See snow tractor and tractor sled.

                      Page 61: Frigi-car has the description of a weapon.
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                        Some more:

                        Pg. 9 The text incorrectly states that Defenders of the Earth was a Saturday morning cartoon. It was a syndicated weekday series instead.

                        Pg. 52 Acid Guns - The description text says that these are short-range pistols, but they are both pistols and rifles.

                        Pg. 52 Firearms - The text says that Electro Cells are use to power weapons and machinery, but none listed use electro cells.

                        Pg. 54 Ammunition - Electro Cells are given but no weapons use them. Also, one Electro Cell is not specified what type it is.

                        Pg. 55 Shotgun (12g) - Damage is given as 1-3d6d8 it ought to be "up to 3d6" like other Savage World 12g shotguns. Damage varies based on range and if firing shot or slug ammo.
                        Also, How Crystal-Tipped Bullets work for shotguns (Slugs & Shot Ammo) isn't covered.

                        Pg. 55 Tommy Gun (.45) Shots is 30 it ought to be 50 and Damage is given as 2d8 instead of 2d6+1. (The stats don't match the Tommy Gun in the Core Savage Worlds book)
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                        • ValhallaGH
                          ValhallaGH commented
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                          The Thompson Submachine Gun has 20 or 30 round stick magazines and 50 or 100 round drum magazines.
                          Any of those four values is a "correct" Shots, depending upon what is commonly available in the setting.

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                        Page 28 - Giant is a +5 race (assuming the Non-Standard Physiology is still a -1 ability). Probably fine, but noteworthy that it's stronger than the indicated baseline.

                        Page 39 - Start of the second paragraph, "The Arcane Background Edges: Miracles, Superpowers, and Weird Science also do not exist in the pseudo-scientific world of Flash Gordon." That appears to be a typo, though it probably deserves a note, like Magic has, that it is notably changed from the core rules.
                        The first time I read this, I was very confused.
                        I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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                          The Electric Mole list it's weaponry as two Large Light Guns. These aren't on the Vehicle Weapons list.


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                            We have started to consolidate the Errata from this list. From this point on please do not add new Errata to existing posts, create a new one so that we can find it. Otherwise its takes to much time to comb through an existing post to find what has changed. Thanks.