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[SPC] Questions about Ghoul

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  • [SPC] Questions about Ghoul

    Ghoul's write-up seems to contradict itself. His background states he cannot will himself to be seen. This is supported by his Invisibility Power being Permanent, but his Hindrances tie to his appearance, which no one can see Distinctive Appearance (skeletal) and Ugly (Major). Are these only for those who can see him? Or is his ghoulish form visible to all, and only his human form can't be seen?

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    Maybe he's so hideous that it affects people that cannot see him? Kind of a universal sixth sense.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Maybe it applies if/when he gets covered in flour, or paint, or his silhouette is outlined in heavy rain…


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        At least for Ugly, the blurb mentions he feeds on carrion, so I don't think it's impossible to assume it applies despite being invisible. He smells bad, and just gives off gross vibes.

        Distinctive Appearance is a bit more of a "what" but it should be pointed out Invisibility makes people "Difficult to see" (See page 69), not impossible to see. he can be seen by anyone beating a notice at -4 (Also probably could appear on high quality Video surveillance for example), and obviously people with compatible powers (Super Skill: Notice, or Heightened Senses) can see him. It also means if he's hit with Negation, he can't just meld into a crowd.


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          Also remember, NPCs aren't players. We don't need to worry about Ghoul getting free points for a Hindrance that won't come up since that's not how we build NPCs. If there's ever a case where someone can see Ghoul, then the Hindrance applies. If it never comes up, that's not a big deal.