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    Nice, I like that. I like it a lot. It sounds like a very epic conclusion to the hunt.


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      Yes I'll admit most of the tweaks came from me binge watching Stan vs Evil. Then I've been thinking if finding a way to time things back down for the players as each year since it takes 20 sessions everything response up more and more to the point they were having an ancient vampire King who's blood instantly made super ghouls if it got in you. One of those ghouls but a character and actually liked him but they were using the normal vampire stats so I allowed the chance to turn him and the dice claimed it so, but I'm my world an actual siring requires the ingestion if calorie blood so I roles it only half turned him. Plus the king could summon hell hound and a player (realizing they were living smoke in my game) used a shop vac to sick one up with an insane roll in the 30s plus some magical unbreakable duct tape they have been saving. He also is his advance for beast bond specifically for it and I tend to reward creativity and great rolls so Bam now they have a hell hound lol.

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    Just finished up Wild Haunt (a modded version of Wild Hunt). The characters became obsessed with shooting the Constable's hat off hit head when we finished up the fight that was the cliffhanger from two weeks ago. After the fight the priest (he lived as walking wounded) informed them that the Constable will return within the night and keep returning until the curse is lifted. The group already knew that they had to get to the witch's grave (3 miles away on foot) and summon her to get her to end the curse, but they needed the dirt from a fresh grave to perform the ritual. Everyone was worried they would have to let the priest die to get this, but a player figured if they took on of the undead buried it and had the priest give last rights it might work. I let the ritualists help with this and they pulled off the mini ritual.

    After that I ran a Quick Combat to cover their travel to the grave as undead continued to resurface. It resulted in everyone succeeding and the most wounded player even getting a raise netting him a bonus Benny. Once they the Constable resurfaced along with 4 hounds and 8 undead towns people. Our front line tough guy had the Second Wind adventure card letting him know he could undo all wounds from an encounter so he rushed the big bad after lighting his own hands on fire hoping the fire could hurt him (I let it shake him but only magic can wound). With that the 8 towns people also rushed him and he was swarmed. Luckily even though he had enough wounds to drop him and then several more attacks for further incapacitation rolls all his checks came up with stable and injuries that go away when the wounds do.

    Another player seeing the swarm of undead chucked a bottle of holy water hoping it would splash like a grenade and after a few bennies it did but rolled minimum damage. Do to the great idea and personal sacrifice I allowed damage rerolls for ONLY this damage at the cost of 2 bennies per reroll. With this the character and the "leader" that could share bennies drained nearly all their stock to take out all the towns people in one go. people. It was then a fight with a big bad and his hounds as they tried to finish the ritual. They got it done right after dropping the big bad (for now) and summoned the witch.

    Rising as an angel the characters discovered the witch was a white witch and pleased with seeing the Constable defeated twice already blessed the characters removing all their curses (including vampirism and a hell hound becoming a celestial hound) as well as leaving her spell book behind. The heroes then were free to head home and take midterms.