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    Woo looks like I'm the first post in the newly minted forum.

    So in the old forums we had a thread called Scary Texas where many of us depicted out tales from ETU. Archive Here: ( )

    While I can't give a full recap as a TON has gone on I figure I'll give a fast catch up.
    - One Player left to join a group of mystical 5th dimensional beings that control luck and fate called The Circle of Seven
    - Two players and their metal band accidentally summoned Thor as well as Fenrir, Skoll, and Hati. Thor became an honerary member of the band and developed a crush on the drummer (one of our players)
    - The team found out about a raven cult that was burying bodies in the state park. After fighting a mystical raven shawman it was their word over his aobut the bodies... and the drugs.
    - To get out of legal trouble the party were tasked with gathering the DA's son from a cult in return for clearing their names. Turns out the cult screwed up and summoning a blood worm demon. To save everyone one of the players sacrificed themselves to let the demon host in his body and is now dealing with that.
    - Currently the group made their way to Hotel 96 thinking it was a frat gathering, but are now trapping in the 1930's/pocket demon realm and looking for a way out.

    -Also forgot a player got his had broken by the mob for cheating at a back room card game. This was after they shot him from under the table.
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    I want to play in your game!


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      Haha thanks. I'm currently also running a D&D 5e game that I'm streaming. Once it's run its course I think I'll either be running ETU or Intrepid Investigators (which is a Savage Worlds Urban Fantasy setting of my own). You should check it out as I tend to post invites for my readers to submit player applications.

      Also IF my ETU group TPKs I may end up streaming my next daytime campaign. They are about to face the final demon of Hotel 96 so there's a real chance right now.


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        Actually, Scary Texas is the name of my home campaign.
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          My ETU: Degrees of Horror campaign, which began on Oct. 4, 2015, came to a successful end on July 2, 2017 as the gang received their diplomas.

          A lot of fun was had. My players' favorite adventures were "Redneckromancer" and "Chickens in the Mist" which produced many frights, and laughs. Kudos to everyone involved in bringing us ETU, and Pinebox, TX!


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            I'll never get tired of hearing people having fun playing ETU. I'm right on board with you about Redneckromancer and Chickens in the Mist, and I want to echo the kudos. Even though I helped write it, every Pinnacle title is genuinely a team effort. I'm incredibly grateful for everyone who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make ETU fast, furious, and fun. Go Ravens!
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