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50 Fathoms conversion document error

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  • 50 Fathoms conversion document error

    I noticed that in the conversion document for 50 Fathoms from SWD to SWADE the Kraken entry has a bullet point 'Vigorous' duplicated from the Grael entry. The document suggests that any errors should be notified on the forums, so here it is!

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    This error has already been posted with a discussion on how to fix it. (Though I suppose more exposure couldn't hurt. )

    edit - fixed broken link
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      I have another question, seeking a clarification really. IN the conversion document it says on page 1. 'Unless otherwise stated, intelligent beings have Common Knowledge and Persuasion at d6, and all beings have Athletics, Notice, and Stealth at d6. I assume this is for NPCs and does not apply to player characters during character creation, where those things would normally start at d4? Could this be clarified in the conversion document please, because above this it is clear that player characters should be 'remade from scratch, building them from the ground up using the rule sin SWADE'.


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        Editing a comment
        "Unless otherwise stated" is the key phrase.

        Beings general begin with d6 in all Core Skills, but the rules for player-characters states otherwise.