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[ETU] Map - Old Lumber Mill (for "Bloody Jim")

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  • [ETU] Map - Old Lumber Mill (for "Bloody Jim")

    I think I'll be running a short adventure around "Bloody Jim" (The headless spirit of a mean lumberjack). I think students out swimming find his skull and give it to Glen Mac.

    Jim will hunt down the ones responsible, and Glen Mac is on the list as well. The study group will be tasked with returning the skull to the mud uncovered as the water level is low.

    Maybe they have to defeat him in the proximity of the old rusty saw blade, then haul him and his head down to the waterline and re-bury him and cast Banish or some such.

    Click image for larger version

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    I know my players will stray from my map, especially to the north of the lumber mill. So I whipped up a 2nd map.
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