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    Honestly, I'm shocked at seeing the file v1.2 that went to the printers. The feedback topic was deleted so I can't compare the file to the given feedback, but the file still contains many of the simple spelling errors that werenimal and I reported and also many of the real errors like Darcy having different stats in p.86 and 88 or the Dark Council having Bane(Holy Item) while their description clearly states that they don't.

    The erronous references to the no longer existing Ritualism skill were removed but there are still persons in the book having that skill...
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    I just checked the archived topic vs my spreadsheet vs the PDF, and any reported spelling issues (there were only like, 6) were updated. If there's anything else on that front, it wasn't reported in the feedback thread. If you've spotted any new ones go ahead and send them my way.

    The only system issues that are still in there are the three you mentioned in this post specifically, which is weird because I remember fixing the issues the stat block issues (Dark Council & Darcy) live in a meeting talking about the stat changes. And if I Ctrl+F Ritualism in InDesign it only pulls up the usage in a paragraph as a regular word, not the instances in the stat block. So, I thought it was fixed, but I guess InDesign's struggling with reading the file for some reason?


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      Page 25:
      "The hard-hearted criminals are strictly in it for the money, not indiscriminate murderer. "
      That one's still in there and it was reported in the feedback thread. I'm sure there's more but I can only check what I remember as that thread is archived.

      I'm sure between werenimal and me we reported more than 6 spelling errors.
      Any chance you can get me like a PDF export of that archived thread?
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      • Donald Schepis
        Donald Schepis commented
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        Oh, I see how that one slipped through. I rejected the change (I think it's one of like two changes I didn't go with) because the original post said it should be "murderers" instead, which was also wrong, and then didn't re-read the original sentence (which is still wrong). It should be "...indiscriminate murder." That's easy enough to fix.

        I think the issue was we had to restore the file at one point, and I missed the three stat things you mentioned (plus the swap from leopard to jaguar) when I checked to make sure all my changes were preserved.

        Thanks for catching that for me!

      • Donald Schepis
        Donald Schepis commented
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        Mootaz when I say spelling I mean "this word was misspelled" and not "this is the wrong word". If I include those it's more like 20. I spot-checked half the list from the spreadsheet and the changes were all there so I think we're safe. The three stat adjustments all happened after a meeting but right before file restore, which is why I think only those changes were lost.

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      A new Error would be Brownies (p. 93) having a strength of "d4-"


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        P. 19: "Award +1 to the student’s Scholarship for the next semester if they get at least one success on their Academics check."
        It should either be "for the semester" or "for the next exam".
        "Next semester" is the semester when I'm back from my studies abroad.

        Page 15 has the "for the semester" wording.