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Fun way to create random races or aliens

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  • Fun way to create random races or aliens

    I wanted a way to quickly create random aliens for my Last Parsec campaign. This is mostly for appearance, but also for possible racial abilities. It won't give you a fully statted race, but is a good springboard for ideas.

    Go here: This will give you a list of random animals with pictures. You can limit it to a quantity of 3 animals, or just pay attention to the first 3.

    The first two animals will determine the physical appearance of the race. You don't have to make them literal hybrids of the two animals, just borrow traits from them. In the case of TLP. I am also putting in an effort to make them not look like obvious hybrids, because I personally don't like it when aliens look just like anthropomorphic earth animals (which is why I don't like a lot of the base alien races from TLP). The third animal is used to determine the race's psychological and behavioral traits, if you need them.

    So, I needed a non-human alien race for an NPC in an upcoming game. I actually already decided on his personality, but I wanted a random appearance. I ended up with coati and musk ox. I made the race a short, squat humanoid with very large forarms and calves, large 3-fingered hands, a long narrow snout, wide horns, and a striped tail. It is orange colored and covered in soft spines instead of fur. I even made a sketch which I'll try to upload later, along with a few more random aliens, if you're interested.

    Thought this might be useful to some. Share if you come up with anything fun!