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ETU and Ravens Peak

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  • ETU and Ravens Peak

    Back in 2006 I started a "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" themed game in the town of Ravens Peak (a town I created sometime in the 90s for a Halloween Host a Mystery), see map. Obviously the town mascot is a Raven.
    The characters started a club they called "The Odd Squad" which grew into a paranormal investigation company (OS Logo attached). Even though I was using the Unasystem I was constantly importing Savage Worlds rules and ideas (such as Interludes, chase rules, various tables, and many One Sheets), I even did a Deadlands/Odd Squad crossover where half of each team/posse found themselves in the other world. The Deadlands cowboys were far more kick-a$$ in the Buffyverse than the Odd Squaders were in Deadlands world. Long story short(er) I've been wanting to convert the Odd Squad game to Savage Worlds for sometime now.

    Then came ETU... I've been eyeballing the setting for a while now and just decided to convert my Odd Squad game using the ETU rules. The raven mascot just made that idea all that more intriguing. My son and I sat down and went over the rules (even though we had already did a test conversion with the crossover) and will be starting with the new rules in the new year.
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    Good luck. Check out Scary Texas thread as well as ETU Series for both have diaries and live play videos. I'm personally in my 5th run off the setting and it's great for the kind of game you're describing.


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      Very Cool!