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Brand New here, Questions on Rippers

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  • Brand New here, Questions on Rippers

    I backed SWADE because it looked like an amazing system. I'm currently backing the Interface Zero 3.0 system because cyberpunk is my one true love. However, after watching some Penny Dreadful I thought it would be fun to run a campaign inspired by that show. I was told about Rippers and it looks like it should fit the bill. A few questions if you all don't mind:

    Do you need both the Players Guide and the Game Masters Handbook to run the game? Also, does anyone know if they plan on releasing an updated version for SWADE or if it's a dead system that you'll have to mod everything for? I'm new enough to the system that I'm not sure if I'm actually comfortable modding things yet.

    Thanks all!

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    Welcome to Savage Worlds!

    I'm not very familiar with the Rippers setting so I'll leave that advice to better minds. I can tell you (from what I DO know), that Rippers is the setting to use for a "penny dreadful" game (whether you want to copy the show or simply emulate the stories).

    Be sure to check out PEG's store here for all their currently available Rippers products, which includes the new Expedition: Amazon Plot Point Campaign. Of particular note is the free conversion guide, which should make updating earlier versions of Rippers a breeze.

    And lastly, feel free to ask the forum whatever you want. The community here is awesome, and always willing to help.

    Cheers, and have fun!


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      Welcome! To both these forums and Savage Worlds in general.

      Rippers isn't dead, but it's a "mostly complete" setting. It's not getting much, if any, time from PEG's 2.5 full time employees.
      It did get a free Adventure Edition update for use with Adventure Edition. It tells you how to smooth the bumps created by the differences between the Deluxe rules Rippers: Resurrected was written for and the new Adventure Edition rules.

      Otherwise, I find myself reiterating Deskepticon 's post, so I'll stop here.

      Have fun, and feel free to ask for ideas, advice, or just tell us cool stories.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.