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  • DLR: Duels Question

    Long time Deadlands Player/Marshal and am going to try the Reloaded rules for the first time. I have am actually modifying it for SWADE, but am going to use duels as written, but have a question on duels.

    Once the a player declares shoot, after the cards are drawn they must declare Speed or Accuracy. Am I correct when I say:
    If both declare the same thing shots are simultaneous and both are done and their effects applied.
    If one declares speed and the other accuracy then the shooter that declares accuracy only gets to shoot if they survive the shot of the one that declared speed.

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    Duels are pretty straight forward:
    1. Hole Cards: This is buried in the first part of the Face Off, giving each participant two (or more with Edges) hole cards.
    2. Face Off: Opposed Test of Taunt or Intimidation. Ties generate additional hole cards. The loser draws first (for legal matters) and has a -2 on Shooting (or Fighting if you're doing a sword duel).
    3. Luck O' the Draw: The river is dealt, with three cards immediately and then a usable pause before the fourth and before the fifth cards are dealt. After the first three river cards are dealt, any participant can "shoot" to end the dealing and immediately make the best available hand. If all five river cards are dealt then "shoot" automatically begins.
    4. Reach For It!: Each participant chooses Speed or Accuracy.
    5. Swappin' Lead: All Speed shooters resolve simultaneously, with a -2 on Shooting. Then all surviving Accuracy shooters resolve simultaneously.
    Note that the difference in hand quality determines the bonus damage.
    The reason I'm loose about the participants is that you can easily use the dueling rules for three or more participants (like the ending of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly). I prepped a five-way duel once, but the players short circuited it.

    Aside, there is a dedicated sub forum for Deadlands. This question properly belongs in either the Official Answers or Tombstone Epitaph sections.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      I thought the Deadlands section of the forum was for classic rules


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        No, it supports both Reloaded and Classic. You could even talk about the versions we all pretend don't exist like d20 or GURPS.

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        wish someone had told me.