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[TLP] JGtIS - I love it!

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  • [TLP] JGtIS - I love it!

    I recently purchased the JumpCorp Guide to Interstellar Salvage and I have to say, I love this book! The Last Parsec is not only one of my favorite Savage settings, but it's also one of my favorite RPG settings. It's broad enough to include just about any kind of science-fiction you want but I love how the supplements season the setting with little details. I especially liked the Ship Species table. With a minimum of text, the table imparts tons of flavor for the traits of startships built by different species. Great stuff! This book has great utility for ANY science-fiction game that involves space travel, however, not just for The Last Parsec.

    I hope to see more of these kinds of supplements in the future (along with additional hardcovers for new planets like the ones released to date).

    One question, though - why the odd print size? I love the book but it just seems out of place given the standardization on the graphic novel size of the other SW books.

    In any case, great book & thanks again Pinnacle! Keep that Last Parsec stuff coming!