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[ETU] Starting new campaign as soon as my materials arrive !

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    Starting my campaign this Sunday 05/17. Everyone has a character and has established they can get on my Fantasy Grounds server at least once. I had to spend a *lot* of time figuring out how to disable advanced security settings and white-list incoming IPs and port-forward the input from clients on the Fantasy Grounds port.

    1) Female Music Major - chose few skills but went "deep" with them. Fraidy Cat, Hesitant; Devout. An Austin Native. A professor drives in from Austin once a week for one-on-one Oboe/Bassoon lessons. Has a ghostly sometimes-companion (player chose a young girl from the early settlers era).
    2) Male (African American) Kinesiology Major - went "wide and shallow" with skills. Poor, with a gang background, Brute (+1 size) and ambidextrous. Football player from Houston (bad part of town). Has a HARD curriculum with a -2 Scholastics. *ouch*
    3) Male Business Major - based on the "Jock". 2nd string football player. Former Eagle scout, outdoorsman (hiker, camper, hunter). Psychically Sensitive. Like to "Repair" things (engines).
    4) Male Drama Major/Cheerleader - based a bit on the "Outsider from a strange land". Can't swim. Electronics fail for him. Acrobat. Went high with "Taunt"
    5) Male Astro Physics Major - The party nerd. Also went wide with skills. Poor eyesight, Annoying Roommate. Test-taker. Roommate runs a C-store out of their dorm room.

    I sent out their freshman year fall semester classes (dorm assignment, student ID, class numbers and locations). Two players remarked how real they looked and seemed.

    Plan to run the Plot Point campaign "Degrees of Horror", starting off in the Roost. Also the Class Ring adventure and the one-sheet "Scavenger Hunt" (tiger fur, cup of the gods, blue chalk). And "Bugs". Missy is one of the Music Major's quad mates in the "nice" dorms that have a quaint Bed & Breakfast feel.

    Wish me luck !
    I'll need it.
    These players are smart and resourceful and *very* "tactile". (ie, what's in the room I can use? What are the light fixtures like? Is there a power strip where I can shut everything off at once?)


    • Deskepticon
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      Good Luck!

      Sounds like you may want to make liberal use of "narrative Bennies." I.E., if the player ask: "Is there a power strip?" respond with: "Do you want there to be one? It'll cost you a Benny." Eventually the players may just cough-up a Benny and describe how they make a scene interesting.
      Just be wary of abuse. Conjuring up information is no substitute to the Research skill.

    • Eric
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      Good suggestion. In my Session 1 I let the bennies flow for good ideas and "making the mental leap" ("All these glyphs are getting warmer. If it was a couple, I would say hot water pipes behind the wall, but every eight feet, in a basement ? Doesn't make sense"). One player ("Jake", the cowboy-hat wearing athlete based on the "Jock") has played SW before and spent a Benny on a re-roll (Spirit) and the better roll allowed him to activate his "burn" from Nina. The others will catch on.

      How will they get into the locked environmental control room ? I don't know. A Benny will give them a fireman's axe or stout two-handed plumbers wrench to bust the lock, … or something to use to batter down the door (An empty oxygen tank or helium tank, or other makeshift ram … ideas ? A table or chair wouldn't do it). Maybe their "Room 12" had a solid podium for lecturing that they recall, pushed into a corner.

      Kristina's ghostly companion could appear, reach through the door and flip the lock open from inside the room but that simple approach would rob the group of thinking their way in (and maybe exercising the "Damaging an Object" rules) and would set a rather lame precedent. ("Get your Ghost to look in the room!")