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[ETU] Pinebox Perils?

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  • [ETU] Pinebox Perils?

    I'm prepping for an ETU campaign and I'm looking for some more monsters. Specifically, corporeal ones. After reading the description of Pinebox Perils I still have no idea whats in it. Can anyone tell me how many monsters are in there? Does each come with its own One Sheet or Savage Tale? How many are non-corporeal spirits?

    Thanks for the help!

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    I don't own Pinebox Perils, but I can recommend the Savage Free Bestiary. There's a good deal of weird creatures in there you might make use of... or tweak to fit your needs.
    Hey, it's free! What have you got to lose?


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      I don't own it, but according to one review I saw, it's just a collection of Savage Tales (5 IIRC but not sure I do), each with a new monster designed for it (although one of them has to be downloaded since it wasn't actually included in the book, possibly due to space reasons since it is one of those newer "comic book" sized releases that are just 32 pages with no spine).


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        I went ahead and bought it, so here’s what I found for those who are interested.
        Deskepticon, that is a great resource but I found only one critter (Crawling Hands) that was easily ported over. Mac40k is right, PP features a spirit, a critter, some dolls, some creepy country folk, and a crazy person. There are 2 Savage Tales for each.