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SWADE Weird Wars Rome?

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  • SWADE Weird Wars Rome?

    Any word (or if this is a thing, the link?) on if WWR is getting converted to SWADE, or at least a conversion errata is available? I'm just getting into savage worlds, so I don't know what the differences between the 2015 era edition and the current edition are.

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    The following pre-Adventure Edition settings have official conversion guides: East Texas University, Rippers, Fear Agent, The Goon, The Sixth Gun, Soloman Kane, Lankhmar, and The Last Parsec.
    You can download them for free from this page.

    Also on that page is general conversion guide from the last edition of Savage Worlds (Deluxe) to SWADE, which I'll conveniently link for you here.

    As to your question, I haven't heard anything about Weird Wars Rome getting an update. Your best bet might be to peruse the other conversion documents to see how it's done, and take a stab at doing it yourself. And, of course, feel free to use the collective might of the minds here on the forums for help if you need it.
    Specific questions will generally garner the best results (i.e., "How do I convert <this creature -or- this vehicle> into SWADE?" ; "What should the Minimum Strength be for <this weapon>?" ; etc).

    Good Luck, and Welcome to Savage Worlds!