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Last Parsec, but not JumpCorp

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  • Last Parsec, but not JumpCorp

    Has any one played a game of Last Parsec, but the players weren't members of JumpCorp? What were the players up too? Were they in direct opposition to JumpCorp or just wanted to follow their own rules?

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    Haven't run it, but I've been considering a Last Parsec game in which the PCs are members of a diplomatic team. The ambassador could be a PC, but more likely would be a GM character. Adventures would vary from solving mysteries behind the scenes during diplomatic negotiations to foiling an assassination to escaping all out war. Technically the diplomatic team could still be JumpCorp employees, but you could just as easily reskin it as a government bureau.
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        I'm running two Last Parsec campaigns (modified) and neither is using JumpCorp as the foundation for bringing the players together or employing them.

        One campaign started with the players as passengers on an ill-fated starship. It was sabotaged by a corporate spy to force an FTL-exit near a quarantined space station who was trying to obtain data on the outbreak that occurred. The campaign has since shifted to the planet that the station orbits with the players hoping to either find or be able to repair/rebuild a space craft to escape since there ship and the space station was destroyed. This campaign has strong horror elements so survival is goal #1.

        My other Last Parsec campaign started on Leviathan. Players were split between "park rangers"/guides and vacationing customers. While dealing with an unhealthy mix of alien-dinos and eco-terrorists, they uncovered that an infamous criminal had gone to ground on Leviathan and are now hoping to follow the clues they've found to his hidden score - which will aside from providing a reason to band the players together can ultimately also provide them with their own starship. If early sessions are any indication, this group will run headlong towards "Space Outlaws" as their career path.

        I think JumpCorp provides an elegant framework to help GMs and players kick off a Last Parsec campaign but I don't think it's a Must-Use element of the setting.