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  • SWADE setting books

    Hi, I've been searching for info on the upcoming SWADE setting books. Has Pinnacle posted their estimated release dates or at least the order they plan to update them? Also will they be the same size and hard cover as the core book? Thanks for any info.

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    The only thing we know for sure is that the Kickstarter for Deadlands: Lost Colony ends tomorrow (11/25) and it has an target delivery date of Dec for pdf and June 2020 for hardback. Other than that, Deadlands: Weird West is supposed to have a Kickstarter in (early) 2020 and Shane is working on the Companions, but no dates. PEG as a rule doesn’t start talking about things until they are pretty much ready to go, so we don’t have any idea about other settings or plans beyond what has been mentioned.


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      I also forgot that Deadland: Dark Ages is coming sometime in 2020 as well.


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        I came looking for an answer about Deadlands: Weird West and you provided it. Many thanks!