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    Just in time for Halloween, here's an article that presents Druids for use in adventures and campaigns for The Sixth Gun and Shadow Roads.


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    I hate that this is my first post about your Sixth Gun additions is going to be a criticism/correction, I've been downloading your stuff since you started putting them up here and have enjoyed reading all of them.

    The line under Backlash "This can cause a wound if he is already Shaken." is not a limitation for the Arcane Background of the Druids as written. In the Deluxe rules, which The Sixth Gun was written for, the only power that could have resulted in a Wound was Bolt (multiple "shots" with a single wild die, rolling more than two 1s, resulting in more than a single Backlash effect from a single action). The Druids available powers list does not include Bolt. Under SWADE you can not cast multiple powers in a single action so the Shaken/Wound Backlash limitation was removed.


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      Normally, Backlash isn't a physical damage source. Normally, only a physical damage source can compound a second Shaken into a Wound. This AB changes that behavior and adds a new source for compounding Shaken.


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        paladin2019 I completely understand what it is supposed to do, but it doesn't do that in this edition.
        The ONLY way you can take damage from this Backlash result is if you are already Shaken when you roll a crit fail. But if you are Shaken you can't take actions so you can't roll a crit fail.
        While you can declare multiple actions in SWADE if you declared "Bolt, Bolt, Bolt" as your 3 Actions and crit failed your first roll, you would become shaken and then wouldn't roll the other Actions and could not suffer another crit fail to take a second Shaken result.
        Similarly if you are Shaken at the start of the turn and don't unshake, you can't take any Actions so can't roll a crit fail/suffer a second Shaken result from your spell casting.

        So the Backlash that should be an additional bad effect isn't.
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          Per Savage Worlds:
          Backlash: A Critical Failure when activating a power is called Backlash. It causes a level of Fatigue and all currently active powers instantly terminate.
          No Shaken, no other effects.

          This Arcane Background (Druidism) is really weird.
          First, it requires having specific Trait dice. None of the core ABs do that.
          Second, it only grants two starting powers and 10 power points. Magic, Miracles, and Psionics all grant 3 and 10, Gifted gives 1 and 15, and Weird Science does 2 and 15 but requires device trappings that can be broken or stolen.
          Third, it has special Backlash rules. Something none of the core ABs do.
          Finally, it defines the available powers to a list of 11 powers. A) That's a remarkably short power list for any setting. B) That's a world defining restriction shoe-horned in via Arcane Background, stifling creativity and world building.

          The first few issues make me think it was written for Deluxe rules after reading a setting book. The lass issue is one of having written it for a specific setting and then pretending it was general use.
          And if the linked article said "Hey, here's a Druid AB for your The 6th Gun campaigns" then that would be fine. I'd smile, nod, say "cool job" and note that 'can cause a Wound' is meaningless when Critical Failure is binary. *
          But it's presented as a general use Savage Worlds arcane background when it isn't.

          *You cannot have multiple Critical Failures from a single action.
          Originally posted by Page 88
          Multiple Dice: Some abilities allow characters to roll multiple Trait dice, such as the Frenzy Edge or firing a weapon with a Rate of Fire higher than 1. A Critical Failure with multiple dice occurs when more than half the die results are a natural 1. If the character is a Wild Card, the Wild Die must be a 1 as well.
          I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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            These are interesting points, all. I put it together by comparing it to the Arcane Backgrounds in The Sixth Gun RPG, which was written for the previous edition; I'll look at my copy of SWADE and see if I want to make any changes.

            Thanks for the feedback!