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    This weeks session takes things a bit back to basics as Will and the newest member of the team Neal investigate a pare of murders where the victims' missing body parts are coming back in the most unexpected of places.


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      Massive fight with strange creatures and an even stranger new arrival comes to Pinebox.


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        Another first and weird addition to my game. Brought a character in from my FIRST etu campaign to visit in my current. In fact he's actually coming after hopping multiple time lines (they failed to stop the convergence in that game).

        So we came up with a simple system for dealing with different timelines and seeing what's changed (outside of story specific points of course) When asking about a NPC or location the character is already familiar with draw a card.

        Clubs (Darkest Time Line)
        Diamonds (Slightly Off)
        Hearts (Unchanged)
        Spades (Changed for the Better)
        Joker (You Tell Me)

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      This week we had to do some impromptu tech changes using Google Hangouts, but a great session none the less. Heroes searched for a ritual to regain their missing arms, a discussion about animal sacrifice, an evil clown fight, and even some nefarious acts done in secret.


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        No ETU recap this week for a few reasons, so instead I break down how I handle XP and keeping up with the school calendar in ETU as it probably my most answers question about the setting.


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          ETU content is back and Savage with this week's deadly let's play. As the party closes in on a local Lich they uncover plans that may be bigger than they ever anticipated... oh and there's a Terminator.


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            This week there gang deals with the consequences of last adventure. Namely the bright idea to send the body of the horsemen of disease to a hospital and the fact that a literal Terminator is hunting them down. We have some minor tech issues at the end forcing us to cut early but it's a solid action packed episode.

            EDIT: Original upload only loaded part of the session, its in full now.

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              I think he meant minor tech issues not money tech issues. And if we can get the talisman from "Helen" I have a really nasty plan for that litch, if it works.

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            Finished Sophomore Year of ETU but sadly it didn't record properly. The finale was HUGE. The last two sessions the party had been dealing with the reoccurring villain of The Ring Master and lich with a pension for making magic items. He created four seals tot he apocalypse which represent the four horsemen.

            In the first session they killed the wielder of the talisman of disease but called the cops about the body meaning the corpse was sent to the hospital. they also killed the wielder of the talisman of oppression who was creating an AI. They didn't kill him in time to keep him for booting up his "terminator" robot who continued to track the group down after they took the talisman. They were badly injured from the fight and where being chased by a killer robot when the session ended with them crashing into the hospital.

            Session 2 opened with two of the character waking up handcuffed to hospital beds. The police and nurses were nowhere to be found however as it turned out the hospital was being overrun with plague zombies caused by the disease corpse. After getting out of the hospital the two failed to barricade back the zombies and one player used the disease talisman to control the infested back into the hospital but the item then fused to the character (this character also had the oppression talisman embedded in his chest after an explosion last session. Right after this however the killer robot showed up and the two characters tried to run it over with a nearby cop car. With the robot on the hood of the car punching through the windshield one character attempted a shape elements spell with a wand talisman from an earlier adventure. The problem is he didn't realize that on metal this just softens the metal and effectively made a T-1000. They eventually defeated the robot and ran for the other two talismans. One (death) was held by a clock maker and they simply bought it off of him. the other (war) was in the hands of a night club owner that had caused to gangs to start a street war over her outside. The character made it up to a nearby rooftop where the club owner was watching the chaos just in time for her to Puppet one character into turning on the other at the end of the session.

            Session 3 opened with one character Puppeted by the club owner but a missing player from last session first RPed his way out of the hospital and venturing on foot to the war talisman constantly not quite catching up to the others. On the rooftop the un-puppeted character quickly wrestled the talisman from the club owner as his friend beat on him. Eventually the spell was shaken off and the character with the talisman used it to make the club owner jump off the roof which after seeing the body caused the gang member to intensify their war. It was getting worse and worse but the missing character finally caught up to them. Luckily the character holding the talisman of death decided to finally try using it (its a pocket watch that's been tempting him to wind it and that counts down till sunrise). Once wound that character was taken back to 12 hours before sunrise which happened to be just before the killed the disease seal. He quickly told the others what was going on and the character with precog flashes got a flash when touching him that showed everything that had happened.

            With rushing through the events they decided to burn the body of disease hoping that would prevent the zombies and thus not break the seal, they bought the watch again, intimidated the oppression seal into giving up as they got to arrive earlier this time and the killer robot was 5 minutes from being finished, and finally surprised the club owner and shot her with a shotgun causing her to fall off the roof and intensify the war again but this time with cleaver talking got the side to unite... and tear through the city looking for her killer. With the items in hand the psychic character used his mystical powers of arcane knowledge that he gained a year earlier from selling his soul to learn all he could about these items. They were seals against the end of the world and any time the original owner of a seal died the seal was broken. At sunrise each day death would arrive to kill an owner of a seal ending in the owner of death, if this happens the world ends. This means that since the war seal was killed it was only a matter of time before the world would end. The group, together now, traveled back only an hour to try and take down the club owner without killing her and succeeded thanks to pepper spray. The psychic character also uncovered the rituals to disenchant the items and with President Nelson and Forrester Harris helping they all met up with all the needed ingredients for the four separate rituals needed. The group decided to let Forrester Harris take lead as he was the most skilled, but this would prove to be a mistake.

            The rituals all happened somewhat easily but the final ritual also released death and he was going to take a price. I used the stats for the Black Judge with some modification but what DID stay was his immunity to anyone that didnt summon him. This meant that death killed Forrester Harris and no one could help. Finally the group rushed to the theater they knew the lich was camping out at to face him one and for all, but he had opened a portal and yelled "It might have destroyed this would but would have saved countless others" before jumping in. The group followed and our season ended. Next season won't be at ETU it looks like, but everyone will have to wait to see where they go.


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              ETU Sophomore Year ended yesterday. I live play might not have survived (corrupt footage) but we DO now have a recap covering the entire finale and important info from sessions that affected it. #savageworlds