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    This weeks session takes things a bit back to basics as Will and the newest member of the team Neal investigate a pare of murders where the victims' missing body parts are coming back in the most unexpected of places.


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      Massive fight with strange creatures and an even stranger new arrival comes to Pinebox.


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        Another first and weird addition to my game. Brought a character in from my FIRST etu campaign to visit in my current. In fact he's actually coming after hopping multiple time lines (they failed to stop the convergence in that game).

        So we came up with a simple system for dealing with different timelines and seeing what's changed (outside of story specific points of course) When asking about a NPC or location the character is already familiar with draw a card.

        Clubs (Darkest Time Line)
        Diamonds (Slightly Off)
        Hearts (Unchanged)
        Spades (Changed for the Better)
        Joker (You Tell Me)