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    So for a long time now I've gotten requests for people to be able to watch one of my ETU campaigns. Well my current campaign just wrapped Freshman Year (20sessons at 1xp per session) and it's going strong. Since I have a group that looks like they'll actually last till graduation (60 more weekly session) and we are at a good spot to fold viewers in I decided to start airing sessions starting with the beginning of Sophomore Year as Episode 1.

    Episode 1 doesn't record till next week, but to iron out any tech issues we recorded an Episode 0 where there isn't a set adventure, but instead the players finish up their freshman year filling the time till finals and had some fun figuring out what happened during summer break.

    Check out Episode 0 (Freshman Epilogue) and come back next week or subscribe to see official introductions next week in Episode 1(Black Guard Haunting)

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    Episode 1 and 2 recorded today.
    Sadly episode 1 is a bit short due to technical hiccups and once edited out its only like 45minutes but man this session was high energy. Watch this week to get the ground work in and come back next for the big climax and I mean BIG.

    Episode 1: Return to the Roost
    Its the start of Sophomore year and strange things are afoot again at ETU's indoor basketball stadium "The Roost". Could it be connected to the ghost Nina the group had to send to hell last year to rid the place of evil Geists?

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      This Week he have the climatic ending to our Roost 2.0 Adventure and things get nuts. There will be ghosts, explosions, and rock n roll... all at the same time. Check it out.
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        With our first adventure of the year under our belts the team investigates a local haunting at the house of Lisa Grey as we run Last Rites of the Black Guard.


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          Last Rites of the Black Guard gets wrapped up as the group faces some serious threats.


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            This week the team has the chance at a huge gig for their band Blood & Thunder, but something about the theater isn't what it seems.


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              The team wrap's up their investigation before the big show, but what they find is a fight for their very souls.


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                Got to wrap up our Halloween (in game) session the other week and finally got it up on the channel. Running a modified version of Wild Hunt I call Wild Haunt and by the end all the characters were changed forever.


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                  So since there wasn't an episode last week (major family issues) I figured I'd drop two this week since I have the back log. You're double dose of ETU this week is a bit of a remix of the Sanctuary adventure from Degrees of Horror, but with some twists and an old friend returning, check it out.