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[ETU] Question about one of the monsters (spoilers)

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  • [ETU] Question about one of the monsters (spoilers)

    I was looking around to see if there's any mention of how to pronounce "Streilberk," (does the first syllable rhyme with "aisle" or with "eel"?), and I noticed in Ed's Midnight Tales that the demon's writeup states that they last ten rounds when summoned, while in the ETU book they're said to last ten hours.

    I thought maybe the demon was changed when brought over to the ETU setting, but I remembered that the Streilberk Demon imprisoned upstairs from the bookstore café in Degrees of Horror will, if released (accidentally or otherwise) attack for ten rounds then disappear, so I'm thinking the ten-round limitation was something the authors had in mind all along.

    I'm certainly eager to find out, as there's obviously a significant difference between one of those horrors appearing for one minute and causing mayhem vs walking around for ten full hours getting into Heaven-knows-what kind of demonic mischief.

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    Re: Streilberk
    It always looked German to me. Streil is actually a German last name, but "berk" is not german as far as I'm aware. Still, it's similar enough to "berg" (mountain) for me.

    That said, I'd use a long i for the "ei" diphthong, like the sound heard in 'side.'


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      We pronounced it with "eel" for the first syllable. And in our case, I released it from the binding circle, with the intent of taking it down.... Yeah, it didn't go quite to plan and I became a statistic on the front page of the paper -- listed as a poor robber killed trying to rob the store.

      However, the dang thing became a bit of a major PITA as the GM (adjusting to fit our story) kept the demon around for a while. He would pop in and out causing grief for our students. I think we finally put him down mid way through our senior year. He was a great reoccurring creature that kept us on our toes.


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        ETU is correct. The Ed's Midnight Tales were written far prior (two editions ago). Truth is I just made that name up as it appealed to me....I pronounce it "eel."