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[ETU] Joker draw on the Black Magic Corruption Table

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  • [ETU] Joker draw on the Black Magic Corruption Table

    Just noticed that the Joker draw on the Black Magic Corruption Table grants a +2 to subsequent Spirit rolls to avoid Corruption, but the text regarding Black Magic doesn't appear to mention that there's a roll to resist Corruption at all. It just states that each player in the ritual draws a card and suffers the effect. Was that a rule that got changed or is it mentioned elsewhere in the book?

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    I don't have my books with me, but I think that might have been a hold over from the Ritual in the Horror Companion, which if I am not mistaken were used as a starting point for the ETU rituals.


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      The only Corruption rules in the Horror Companion are in the Secuder demon entry.

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    The Black Magic Corruption Table specifies this for Card draws of 2:
    Lost: The character must make an immediate Spirit roll minus the Casting Modifier. If he succeeds, there is no further effect. If he fails, he becomes a true black magician. He wanders off under the Dean’s control and becomes a non-player character. Perhaps he will return one day as the leader of some dark cult, necromancer, or other villain.
    I guess this is the Spirit roll the Joker gives a benefit to.


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      Sorry, we will fix that.....