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[ETU] Beautifull People,(spoiler possible)

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  • [ETU] Beautifull People,(spoiler possible)


    Is there a scenario involving this creatures in ETU ? (I didn't find one)

    If there is none, are there sources of inspirations for such creatures ?

    For now , i play them like aliens, more cautious than agressive. One player take the edge very attractive and the beautiful people have think for a time that he was on of them. Some misunderstood, death ans birth, and fumble later, he knows of the nature of the beautifull people and they know about him , not one of them. (And they decided to flee to take no risk) I search a horror theme scenario to develop the sequel.

    With some changes, i have think for now to "the retreat" in savage tales horror I, or even "Brainwashed" . But i search eventualy for other inspirations.

    Thanks for the help
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    I could not find an official ETU scenario featuring Beautiful People either. I guess they figure a creature like that is easy enough to work in if any the PCs (or their friends/loved ones) are an appropriate target.

    In terms of inspiration, I don't know that there is a direct one. They seem a little like a cross between the aliens in films like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or The Faculty and a succubus/incubus.


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      It was never explicitly stated, but I feel like there's a certain NPC in the first season of Wild Cards that was probably a variation of a Beautiful Person.
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