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[Rippers] Questions concerning Expeditions

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  • [Rippers] Questions concerning Expeditions

    I'm planning on trying out the new rules for expeditions this weekend but I still have some questions about the rules:

    1. The rules don't say anything about the way back. Are we to assume that it just "goes well?" Otherwise the amount of supplies necessary would be huge, and as the amount of favours the players are allowed to spend is limited, that would become pretty tough.

    2. Does making camp use up supplies? I assume it does if the players decide to make camp for a whole week?

    3. The only way to regain supplies on the way that I could find in the rules was if they draw a Boon card and get a lucky roll. Is this correct? I personally would let my players hunt while making camp. Probably as a dramatic task using survival, stealth and shooting.

    4. One question for the Expedition: Amazon book regarding poisons: How many poisoned arrows can I make from poisoned dart frogs in one attempt, and how many darts can I coat with one pintgourd of Curare? I assume 10 because that's the batch size they come in?

    5. When can players decide to make camp? I would assume any time they want, even between obstacles. Or is it only after a full week of travel?

    Thanks in advance!
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