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  • [ETU] Bane Mechanics

    The way Bane is written in ETU, a creature affected by a bane makes an opposed Spirit roll against the bearer of the bane in order to make an attack (e.g. vampire tries to attack a PC bearing a crucifix). There doesn't appear to be any requirement for the bearer to take an Action to prepare the bane, and this seems a bit over-powered. I'm considering requiring the bearer to take an Action to prepare, and thus take a multi-action penalty if they want to also attack, for example. On the other hand, as-is, it contributes to PC college students' survivability when confronted with brujas or swarms of imps (a good thing, probably). Anyone have experience playing this way or thoughts on the matter?

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    I think it's situational. Most of the Banes simply need to be "displayed" (such as Holy Items for demons). If the character is wearing a large crucifix over their shirt, where the demon can easily see it, that counts. But if it's in their pocket, then yeah!, they need to make an Action to retrieve it.

    Note that Banes can also be used to deal damage as an attack, and declaring an attack is always an action.