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  • [ETU] ROTC and firearms

    Im still new ar this and have talked to several potential players and several have wanted to be in the ROTC and openly carry rifles on campus as freshmen. I live in Southeast Texas but know little about gun laws. Most of my research has turned up that most campuses in the area allow concealed carry with a permit, but I havent found anything on rifles. My google fu may just be weak or am I just not connecting dots? Also, I know nothing about ROTC, but my searches turned up that in 2016 training switched to using orange tape wrapped replicas or holding arms with imaginary weaponry. Was there once a edge that wa . Guns license for seniors only? Could use some help with this before August 3, 2019 if at all possible. Thank you for any help.

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    Welcome to the Forums!

    Texas is an open carry state, with a separate license required for concealed carry. The minimum age to own a firearm in Texas is 21, or 18 for members of the military, but I'm not sure if that applies to ROTC. Regardless, the campus may have several rifles used for training ROTC members, so access to guns is another matter. For other students, they'll most likely need to be Seniors to own a gun (or Juniors if they're on the "six-year plan").

    Texas requires a concealed carry permit to carry a weapon onto State-owned property, and as of Aug 2017 this applies to colleges too in what is affectionately called Campus Carry. There are limitations, and this site might help.

    Because Campus Carry requires a concealed carry permit, that does not include rifles, just handguns. At least not for students; again, the ROTC program is probably the exception. Worth noting that if such rifles are available, they'd be locked up by campus staff and no student would be trusted with the key (hint: stealing the key and grabbing the guns would make for a great scene).

    I think that hits all your questions. If you have more feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do to answer.



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      Okay, so I looked into ROTC a bit more and found out a few things. Cadets are not considered active military NOR inactive military. They receive a Rank, pay grade, and a military ID (and in some cases they can even outrank Enlisted men).

      So, for all intents and purposes, ROTC are military, and can own a firearm/handgun at 18 years of age.

      *Edit* - Upon some further delving, live weapons are held off campus, so... no shenanigans (even if it would make for a neat scene).

      The Texas state provision on owning a firearm before 21yo. (18+) applies to active military, Reserves, and honorably discharged veterans... though some sites erronously list it as only active military. For their first two years, ROTC cadets are "non-commital", meaning they do not need to commit to joining the military after graduation. Only after they enter that contract are they given a rank, paygrade, and military ID.
      ... I'm still having trouble on finding out info on how gun laws apply to ROTC... so for the sake of making the game more fun, I'll amend my previous statement and say ROTC can concealed carry handguns only after they become contracted (so Junior year, maybe Sophmore if the student is older). **
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    Yay, more ETU players!

    You can't open carry on college campuses in Texas. You need a License to Carry a Handgun to be able to conceal carry on a college campus (or anywhere else, usually), and that only covers handguns as far as I've read. An applicant must be 21 years old or 18 if they are active duty military. There's legislation that colleges can't make rules against concealed carry. ROTC cadets are not required to commit to the military in their freshman and sophomore years. Junior and senior year require a commitment, but they don't become active duty commissioned officers until graduation. Drill is conducted with inert weapons. Training with actual weapons would be done offsite at proper range with the weapons being kept in a military armory, not on campus. In short, ROTC shouldn't allow players to shenanigans into carrying weapons on campus, and definitely not rifles.


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      Thank you guys so much I really appreciate it. I could really only see the info on hand guns but remembered when the legislation was going around the news showing people with rifles walking around. Now, Im just waiting for a player to say theyre going to open carry a sword now after remember hearing something a out that also being a thing, lol. Oh and the 5 players I have found are new to ETU and most are new to Savage worlds awell.


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        Historically, the 2nd Amendment applied to blades as well (dirks and swords), but gun laws and knife laws have diverged in recent decades. Generally, it is unlawful to carry a blade longer than a few inches (varies by state and municipality) in a public area, and no permit would allow you to do so (as far as I'm aware). Exceptions to public carrying exist for purposes of transport, display with intent to sell, and for private events such as reinactments or Renfaires.

        So, no, the student legally can't just go around openly wearing a Scottish basket-hilted broadsword... but for the sake of the rule-of-cool, maybe let them. If he's playing the bagpipes at the same time, maybe he can get away with it.

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      This is an excellent summary of Texas gun laws, concealed carry and open carry. It also includes knives, tasers, stun guns, local restrictions & other related regulations. Especially note the "Enforcement of 'No Weapons Allowed' signs."