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(SWADE) (Lahnkhmar) Ritual Magic and Dramatic Tasks.

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  • (SWADE) (Lahnkhmar) Ritual Magic and Dramatic Tasks.

    Would the Dramatic Task for casting a Ritual be considered Challenging, Difficult, or Complex? My gut says they should be Difficult as a start, and my brain agrees; my brain sees the word "ritual" in the description for Difficult and latches on.

    Of course, that depends on the Casting Modifiers, but you could move it up to Complex if it gets to hairy.

    I'll put this question in Lankhmar conversion forum as well.

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    Depends upon the ritual. I'll note that "ritual" is used in examples of both Difficult and Complex dramatic tasks.
    The story and situation matter, too. If a summoning ritual is being conducted and the powerful entity being called is a) enthused about arriving and b) is being called at an auspicious location or time then the ritual should only be Challenging. But if the timing is bad or the entity displeased then it's probably Difficult. If both then go with Complex.

    I don't have my Lahnkhmar material available, so I can't be too specific, but my recollection is that multiple characters can combine efforts at a ritual - so go with the Multi-Person Tasks rules on the same page. Average one token per character per round for "simple" rituals, increased by 50% at the next tier and again for the final difficulty tier. Now a four character party might need to get 16 successes in four rounds, or 24, or even 32 successes in four rounds to complete the ritual. Seems appropriately dramatic.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Well my brain saw it in Difficult first and wanted to keep my gut at bay ;-p I've a nasty gut!

      The official Lankhmar gaming material makes no direct reference to any mad gods, cursed idols, fell powers, or Random Bobs that the characters may invoke. But this is Newhon...they're listening. All in all I think I can eek some general guidelines to give potential players from this. Thanks