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Rippertech & Ritualism: Confused by ETU & Rippers conversion documents

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  • Rippertech & Ritualism: Confused by ETU & Rippers conversion documents

    TLDR version: Why isn't Ritualism its own skill in the ETU conversion?

    I'm a big fan of both Rippers Resurrected and ETU. The recent conversion documents leave me a bit puzzled. In Rippers, Knowledge (Rippertech) becomes a new skill: Rippertech. Makes sense, it's a setting-specific, knowledge based skill not covered in the core rules. In the ETU conversion document, though, Ritualism, the very basis for the entire magic system of the game, gets rolled into Occult. That makes no sense to me. Ritualism is also a setting-specific, knowledge based skill, and in ETU cannot be gained without participating in a Ritual or trying one with major penalties. You can have occult knowledge (now just Occult) without the Ritualism skill. They are two different things.

    Player characters don’t have Arcane
    Background Edges in East Texas University, but
    anyone can take a new skill called Ritualism
    (linked to Smarts) which acts as the arcane
    skill for any power. The only catch is that the
    character must have attempted a ritual at least
    once as a leader or participant before taking
    his first skill level in Ritualism. Characters can
    attempt to lead or participate in a ritual using
    Smarts –2 instead of Ritualism, but all Casting
    Modifiers are doubled!
    So why isn't Ritualism simply its own skill, as in Rippers, rather than being rolled into something you can take at character creation? Am I missing something here?

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    For those interested, there are some good responses on the Savage Worlds Facebook page
    And upon re-reading the Occult skill in SWADE, it does include "...or perform rituals." I guess I didn't make the mental leap from Deluxe, where Knowledge (Occult) was just that, knowledge rather than application, to SWADE where Occult is its own skill.
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