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Shadowrun-like Setting?

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  • Shadowrun-like Setting?

    Lo do I throw myself at the feet of the Wiseones of Savage Worlds and call out upon ye:


    Is there, by any chance, a Shadowrun-like Setting done up for Savage Worlds? Interface Zero sounds promising, but it seems more grounded in reality (no magic, but possibly Psionics?).

    Any help would be... er... helpful.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    IZ is definitely more grounded than Shadowrun; there's some psionics but it's sci-fi psionics, not overt magic like Shadowrun. Agents of Oblivion and Secret Agents of CROSS are modern ops with magic, rather than cyberpunk. SWAT (from the JumpStart) seems to be... parody modern fantasy in a very Tolkien-ish fantasy setting, sort of if Bright was a joke. I do know that ManuFS is working on something called Sprawlrunners that's intentionally more in that direction, though I don't know if he has any further details or an ETA yet.


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      Bright was a joke. :P

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    If you google Savage Shadowrun you should find some links to some fan conversions. They can't post here because ShadowRun isn't licensed for Savage Worlds or something along those lines. I've been working on my own port using a minimalist approach. Keeping as much of the flavor as possible without introducing a lot of custom rules.


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      It depends on what you like about Shadowun. If it's the cyberpunk setting, then Interface Zero is the setting for you, but there are many other ''cyber'' and ''punk'' settings as well.

      Runepunk is a fantasy-punk with sci-fi elements, some parts of Deadlands is very steampunk-esque, Titan Effect is a Metal Gear Solid-inspired game, Daring Tales of the Sprawl are pulpy cuberpunk adventures. Thunderscape is a fantasy-punk setting facing an undead apocalypse with a heavy focus on schizo-tech...

      There are many choices (those are just the ones I could remember from memory), it all depends on the kind of feeling you want to replicate.


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        I you choose the right part of the post Apocalypse you could use Savage Rifts


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          Thanks for the replies!


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            Nova Praxis could also be pretty good for some cyberpunk. It doesn't have magic, but instead nanomachines and the like for powers. the post scarcity setting is pretty neat.

            Otherwise, as has already been suggested, it's not that difficult to just run Shadowrun with the SW system if it's that setting in particular you enjoy, especially with the help of the scifi companion, the augmentation system etc from Nova Praxis might also be a useful source for mechanics.


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              The upcoming third edition of Interface Zero is coming with a separate book on how you can introduce fantasy elements to the setting. That sounds like what you're looking for.


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                You should "ping" the guys at the Wild Die Podcast. I think one of them did a Savage Worlds Shadowrun conversion but had to pull it down.
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                  Big_Juju That was me, but I'm no longer with the Wild Die Podcast. As SteelDraco mentioned, what once was Savage Shadowrun Second Edition will be re-released as Sprawlrunners in the Savage Worlds Adventurers Guild.
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                    Is there any update on the release of Sprawlrunners?
                    What happened to you hacking rules on