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    Howdy folks,

    Here's a couple things I had sittin' around on the back burner, so I decided to finish them and toss'em out for ya'll.

    The first is More High Strangeness, which is exactly what it sounds like: two more charts (26 options) for things to get weird in your game.

    Why? Well first, who doesn't like options? And second, some of the examples in the setting book were a bit generic and bland. Several of them were basically re-Trappings of "you hear a noise, but nothing's there." I wanted to provide more unique options. You can no longer download More High Strangeness.

    The second entry is an Alternate Party Generator. Not that there's anything wrong with the one in the book, it's just that it has some weird idiosyncrasies that I don't understand. For example, small parties can never have a Special Guest, and because of the way the system works, that means it can never have Trouble. That just didn't seem right to me. The star jock should totally be able to pound back some brewskies with his roommates, and then puke his guts out. Also, the system can require you to draw as many 6 or 7 cards, which is not very quick when each one needs to be cross-referenced with a table.

    These new rules are built off the same framework (so it will feel very familiar) but limits the card draws to four, maximum, with two being average. Naturally, you're under no obligation to use them, but if you do I'd love some feedback on them. You can no longer download the Alternate Party Generator.

    And to any PEG staff that might be reading this, feel free to mine any ideas or content you like for the official product.
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    Second link doesn't grant access to the file.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Okay, thanks!

      Sorry for late reply; busy week.
      Link should work now.

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    Hey folks!

    Bumping this thread to give people one last opportunity to grab these *free* expansions to the East Texas University setting if they haven't already.

    I didn't realize at the time I posted them that PEG updated their licencing terms and these documents are in violation. I will be removing the links (because I'm a man of integrity), but want to give ya'll a couple days first.

    Still interested in feedback / discussion.