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    For those of you who have played or run ETU, have you or your players taken one of the psychic based Edges such as Psychic Sensitive, etc? If so, leave a comment on how it worked out in game.
    I haven't played ETU but just like answering polls.
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    It was not me personally that took the psy sensitive edge but the player that did was really helpful is many situations. It added an extra layer of both "What the heck?" and "Oh, that's what's happening." that made the game really fun.
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      One of my players had a Spirit Guardian, which took the form of an old dog from his childhood. It warned of dangers, growled at cursed items, and would leap to defend him against ghosts. (Pretty handy in The Show Must Go On) Also, his confused roommate was allergic.
      This was something I sent to the player after the fourth or fifth session:
      You wake up in the middle of the night with a dreadful feeling. Someone else is in the room! Instantly alert, you look around. Nearby, your best friend sleeps soundly on his bed. As your eyes adjust to the dark, you see a black-robed figure leaning over him. "Leave him alone," you warn menacingly. The black-clad figure turns to you. Instead of eyes, he has two fiery orbs that focus on you.

      You breathe a sigh of relief after recognizing your master, and go back to laying down sleepily. You open one eye to watch him. The master seems unhappy. He keeps looking at your friend and looking at the parchment in his hand. "Something isn't right here, " he mutters to himself.

      Finally, he puts the parchment away and picks up a large tooth-like tool leaning across the wall. This is it, this is it! Your tail thumps against the floor in anticipation. The master turns to you and raises one pale finger to his bony mouth, letting out a small 'shhh ' sound. Your tail stops.

      "Not tonight, Little One. " he whispers adoringly, scratching the back of your ear with his long skeletal fingers. Then the master turns to the door and vanishes as he approaches it, his black robes merging into the shadows.

      You walk over to the bed and rest your head on your best friend's hand. "It won't be long now, " you promise the sleeping figure, "Th Master will take care of everything. Then we'll be together forever! "
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