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[Last Parsec] (or similar sci-fi) - I need some pre-written content!

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  • [Last Parsec] (or similar sci-fi) - I need some pre-written content!

    Hey, all. I'm looking to run a few sessions of Last Parsec in the near future. I need a little break from fantasy, and this seems like something I'd enjoy. My one big hesitation is that, while I have years worth of Savage Worlds experience, I've never run a sci-fi game, so it'll be a little hard to improv my way through things.
    Are there any good adventures out there that are longer than a one-sheet, but shorter than a full campaign that are detailed enough to let a sci-fi newbie get through without too much hassle? I'm thinking something that will last between 2-5 six-hour sessions.

    I'd also be willing to use something from a comparable setting (IE - not too hard sci-fi, not pulp.)

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    The Pranac Pursuit is fairly forgiving. Depending on your players, it should last at least 2 sessions.

    It is set on a primitive world where the alien's tech level is pretty low.

    Otherwise, there are fair number of Last Parsec adventures on Drivethrough RPG


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      There is a 4 part adventure: Tales of the Red Band in Savage Worlds Explorer that should provide a few sessions.