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  • Working on a Savage World Setting...

    Right now, I'm working on a Savage world setting which is a completely unique setting (I hope). Where would I go to publish it? Is there any legal issues if I post it free of charge? Anything technical?

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    If you want your product to become one of Pinnacle's official settings (and I mention this because you've posted in the Pinnacle's Savage Settings forum), you will have to contact Pinnacle directly and talk with them. If you want to publish it yourself, you'll need to use one of the third party licenses.

    There's some information on the Pinnacle website, and a contact email address at the bottom of the licensing page, but the short answer is there are two licenses available for third party publishers.

    The fan license allows you to publish your setting (even on DriveThruRPG) as long as it's free. The official/publication license allows you to sell your products, however you have to email Pinnacle and negotiate permission to use it.

    The two licenses are nearly the same apart from the commercial restriction, so in effect you only need to ask permission if you want to sell your products.
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