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  • [FG] Giant's Pace

    In the Flash Gordon bestiary both Giant subraces are listed as having a Pace of 8. The Giant race listed in the Race section has no indication of a increased Pace. The Deluxe core rule book has nothing under the size definition in the bestiary has nothing about increased pace by size either.

    Is eithor PC Giant's Pace being 6 or NPC Giant's Pace being 8 an error? Is PC Giants supposed to be slower then most of their brethren?

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    I don't own the Flash Gordon setting book, but it should be noted that it's been part of the game mastering philosophy of SW for a few editions now, that you can build beasts/monsters however you want to. Thus, there's not necessarily a correlation between what's stat'd out for a beast and what's included as positive abilities for the same type of beast as a player race. The racial or beast Size value has no impact on Pace, just toughness and targeting; also grappling and pushing in the SWADE edition.

    In the Science Fiction companion, which became the new standard for race building during the Savage World Deluxe era, a Pace of 8 with a d8 running dice was a +1 point ability. So if the FG Giant player race didn't provide enough negative abilities to balance the overall race at +2 points, that might explain it's omission. Only a consideration if you're planning on migrating to the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition of the rules, but it's probably worth mentioning that the Pace ability now has a +2 cost.

    If you're the GM for the campaign, you can always rebuild the race to include the better Pace. I don't know if FG player races are all balanced to the +2 standard, but if they are, without dropping one of the race's existing +1 racial abilities you'd need to incorporate another -1 negative ability to keep it in balance.
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      FG actually has its own race building system. This is what I thought was going on, another player without a forum account asked me to check here.

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    Originally posted by Spikeball View Post
    Is eithor PC Giant's Pace being 6 or NPC Giant's Pace being 8 an error? Is PC Giants supposed to be slower then most of their brethren?
    Probably not an error. The Giant races are balanced to the same +4 racial build as the other options. Increased Pace would be more bonuses that need to be balanced against other penalties - which puts more restrictions on PC giants, making them less flexible or interesting.

    If it bothers you, just conclude that the NPCs have an unlisted Fleet-Footed Edge. That kind of mental trick has cleared up tons of issues for me.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Or maybe PC Giants are just a bit more careful about how they move, living among smaller races having taught them to [literally] avoid treading on too many toes.