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    So what did your players do with the Pillar of Atlantis? what were they in your game?

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    I'm running Rippers Resurrected now. I am just at the 2nd plot point. I have weaved in the story of a one-shot and added a one-off scenario against a patchwork man.
    I've also managed to weave in NPCs from one character's backstory.
    I got lucky and have awesome, engaged players.

    The Pillars of Atlantis? What are they? The Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar)?

    I am looking for PEG input on how to SWADE-ify Rippers (especially the knowledge skills - rippertech and psychology - and handling rippertech).


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      Originally posted by RoxvilleRooster View Post
      I am looking for PEG input on how to SWADE-ify Rippers (especially the knowledge skills - rippertech and psychology - and handling rippertech).
      Yup, I have this exact same question. One route I'm considering is Skill Specialization (SWADE p.141) for Science (psychology) and either Science (Rippertech) or Occult (Rippertech). It's a bit of a kludge-y workaround, but I think it'll do. Another option, especially for Knowledge-centric characters in an existing campaign, is Defining Interests from the Realms of Cthulhu setting. PCs get a number of Defining Interests equal to half their Smarts die. Each Defining Interest gives +1 to associated rolls. In RoC, the +1 is to Common Knowledge rolls, but I'd probably adapt it to apply to whichever linked skill applied or even eliminate or reduce Unskilled Attempt penalties.

      As I'm trying to parse this out, frankly I'm sticking with Deluxe and avoiding the whole conversion problem. I really like SWADE & will use it to start new games, but converting a setting like Rippers or ETU (where Knowledge: X is required) is a PITA.
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        For my current game, we Academics for Psychology (as most colleges tend to list Psychology under Liberal Arts). Though Academics and Science are broad, I tend to fall in the Familiarization rule when necessary, or the allienst is asked academic questions outside his normal field of study. Then when implantinng Rippertech its the lower of Healing or Occult. Helaing to prerform the surgery, Occult to have a clue what the heck you are working with from a creature. It's worked well for our game and keeps close to the same blaance as them being spererate skllls that are used occasinally.


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          I'm working up a homebrew SWADE update for Rippers, and honestly not much needs to change. The most thought I've had to put into my brief 2-page update document is which of the new powers should be allowed for which of the available Arcane Backgrounds. Everything else is mostly just a reminder of the changes to skills and Edges and such.

          Rippers Resurrected can be updated to SWADE with minimal effort, IMO.
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            If you wouldn't mind sharing, it seems that there are a couple of us on this thread who would really like to see how you handled the conversion. Most of it is pretty straightforward, but I'm struggling with some of the setting specific skills.

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          I'm not running the plot point campaign so my group has never encountered the Pillars of Atlantis. My game has been going on for quite sometime so I'm keeping it in deluxe rules. Our last story arc had them tracking down a coven of night hags that were searching for a particular pure soul to use in a sacrifice to summon a greater demon. They also had to fight a banshee which made for the most important spirit roll of their lives. Good times.