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Simulating time passing with cards

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  • Simulating time passing with cards

    I am planning on running a Weird Wars Rome game that is set during the rise of Vespasian from the invasion of Britain through to the Jewish revolt and his rise to be Emperor. This takes place over about 30 years and I'm trying to come up with a way to simulate a year (or several) passing with no games played. My general idea was to have the players draw from a deck of cards and the cards determine what happens to them in that intervening time period with face cards and jokers giving special events and number cards giving experience or money. Has anyone tried this or have any input on a better mechanic, or ideas for events.

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    Look at the interlude rules. They are a really nice way of triggering a story from the players on what they did while "off camera". If you want to add in a benefit of money or items then that is up to you. I would not however give experience for them, just a personal opinion.
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      Yeah, Interludes are pretty much exactly what you're after. The Deluxe version will suffice, but if you've got the Adventure Edition rules then you'll be much better served with those.
      The players get to add to the world fiction and you reward them with Bennies, or even story points and some lucky breaks for particularly relevant Interludes.

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        Had forgotten about the interlude rules, why re-invent the wheel when you don't have to? Those should work for what I want to do.

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