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[TLP] Adventures - what order?

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  • [TLP] Adventures - what order?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for what order in which to run the published adventures? Or any tips in general about running them? I'm looking to do a one-shot to see how my group likes the setting, and if that goes well I want to dive into the published stuff. Thanks in advance.

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    I would prepare to run all four (Catch of the Day, Ghost in the Machine, Unexpected Colony, Untimely Discovery) since they are kind of short. I'm running my group through Eris Beta-V, Leviathan, Scientorium, and Irongate in that order.


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      Same character can play all the campaigns or you create new characters for each? I you play all with possibly one character, what would you advise for the progression? One advance each 2 sessions? (considering a session 4 hours long)


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        Same characters. I'm planning something more like 1 advance per 3 sessions or 1 advance per significant plot point episode (the one's you can have breaks around).