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[Weird War I (and II)] Suggestions on what to run for newbies?

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  • [Weird War I (and II)] Suggestions on what to run for newbies?

    My son is a history buff and while O want to run DL and War of the Dead adventures, I am going to start him on WWI since he has a lot of interests 8n WWI and II. I looked over the main modules I had from Bumdle of Holding and figure No Mans looks like best to run for new folks. It’s weird for me trying to do in a semi RL backdrop especially with playing them out of year “order” - I come from AD&D 1e/2e days mostly with some limited Fantasy Grounds 5e play. I have also besides Bundle sets, the Island of someth8ng WEII one in FG format also.

    Are there onesheet/shots Or small adventures I can get them prepped for mechanics win or better off starting with full module? (again pref first as WWI, WWII will come soon after)

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    No Man's Land is fine for a first time adventure and at just shy of 20 pages, shouldn't overwhelm a GM that's new to the rules. It features an adventure set in Syria where the British are battling the Ottoman Turks, with the real life actions of Laurence of Arabia providing some of the background. So if that could float you or your son's boat, run with it. It does have it's occult/horror elements too, such as an Ifrit that was summoned in ancient times by a Beduin Sorcerer.

    The Weird War series is only as much Real Life as you want to make it. There's elements of horror and characters with Arcane Backgrounds in all of the setting books for the series. So you get Occultists with AB (Magic) backgrounds in WW I, and Chaplains with AB (Miracles) or Russian BPO agents with AB (Psionics) in WW II. If you look at some of the monsters and horrors in the companions, you'll get an idea of just how weird it can get. On the other hand, there are players that use the WW setting books with the variant Savage Showdown rules, to strictly play out scenarios that are close to real life re-enactments.

    When played with all the supernatural bells-&-whistles, the series plays out as Historical Fantasy and if you're more accustomed to D&D campaigning, it probably won't feel totally alien to you. If you want to forgo that though, there's enough accurate details in the books to reenact something much closer to real historical events.


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      Awesome thanks, I have gotten all the accessories and am going to go through my son’s WWI, WWII lego pieces (offbrands from mailorder since he wanted soldiers years ago) as well as the occasional turban (incorrect, but hey don’t have headdress pcs... from Harry Potter and generic) plus other figures to approximate the bedouin..

      I like the supernatural, it is to me more playable than trying to be “realistic” imo. Never heard of the “showdown rules”, wait maybe I have - miniatures?, I’ll look after

      Thanks again for the feedback. Personally i’m pumped for DLR but will run WWs until he is hooked at least.