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  • Necessary Evil - Opposed campaign

    I'm going to be running the first Necessary Evil campaign soon (Explorers edition), and one of my friends is going to be unable to attend.

    I had the idea of having him play the Warlord in control of Star City.

    In between each mission he would have a number of research points and a number of security points to spend. For each research point he allocates to a project I roll a d6: 5s or 6s means the project progresses and 1s mean that the players get to hear of the project. When he achieves the required number of progress points he gains a new resource, for example the satellite weapon from "Fire from the Sky" or the warhounds from "The Dogs of War".

    He can allocate security points to protect his projects or to hunt down Omega Cells. And there will be a maximum (3?) number of research or security points he can allocate to any one thing.

    If I can get it working properly it will mean the players will get proactive opportunities to engage with the campaign, and I can slip the major plot points in between. I can also mess with the formula, for example having the Governor do an inspection. Will the players try to assassinate him, or will they use the opportunity that the V'Sori have probably moved some security points, to attack a research project?

    Obviously this idea is still only half formed, but before I waste more time on it - do you think it will work? Or will it just become a big mess?