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    OK, so after being offered a couple of choices, my face to face gaming crew wants to do Necessary Evil as their next campaign. Any tips on running this? I have the second edition of the NE book. I do have the newer Superpowers Companion but I don't know how compatible the two books are.

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    So if you're running Necessary Evil, that book was originally designed around being run with the Super Powers it includes in the character creation chapter. But that system is pretty mediocre; its point values are poorly balanced and has a huge focus on "doing more damage" instead of "tanking big hits," so combat tends to feel like rocket tag. Due to this, I highly recommend running with the new Super Powers Companion (SPC2), with the players being Four Color Rising Stars.

    That said, the enemies are also designed around a system that assumes the majority of your heroes aren't very tough, with fairly weak weapons, and the Toughness of enemies can be laughable—super characters that are supposed to be unbreakable at a cosmic level are barely as tough as a semi-truck. As written, this has a lot of problems when being run with the new system due to how damage scales and how easily PCs can be made into big, beefy tanks.

    There are solutions for this, though. First, the Aliens Update, which takes all of your tried and true V'sori enemies and vehicles (as well as some gear) and updates/upgrades them to remain a threat for characters that can now achieve a Toughness of 20+ pretty easily. I've also worked on a few documents from back when I ran my own Necessary Evil game, which updates a lot of things, both on the players' side and the GM's side (mostly updated stats for all of the Wild Card enemies), though the latter hasn't quite finished the Savage Tales that are included—most of the main Plot Point villains are finished, though.

    As for tips, I've posted a few on reddit, with this being my most recent (which also links back to an earlier post that I think goes into a lot more depth regarding specific balancing changes.

    Hope all of that helps!
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      DoctorBoson this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!


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        Glad to help, and welcome to the forums!