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    I have a player that wants to play a Bard. After a bit of a question and answer session, he wants to cast spells and is fine with taking Jack of All Trades to round things out. Would the Troubadour Edge from the FC suffice? I'm saying that either White or Black Magician is fine as a substitute for Miracles. What is everyone's opinion on opening the FC up to a S&S setting?

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    I think Troubadour is a trap and should just be avoided, period. It trades the rp-focused Protector drawback for a fairly crippling "natural 1" backlash.

    The FC is an okay book, but a number of its assumptions don't fit most S&S settings, let alone Lankhmar.

    I'd suggest running with magic and JoAT. That's more enough to be a magic-using know it all.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      I have had people play spellcasting bards in my fantasy campaign. I do not like the Troubadour Edge as written due because Arcane Background (Miracles) is a prerequisite. Why would a minstrel or a firebreather (or whatever form the minstrel will take in this instance) need the blessing of a god to perform their craft? Instead I use a simplified version;

      ​​​​​​Arcane Background (Bard)
      Linked Skill: Performance
      Powers: 2
      Power Points: 10
      Heckled: When a character rolls 1 on Performance die (regardless of the wild die), he has given a dreadful performance and is automatically shaken as he is booed and jeered by everyone who witnessed his flop.

      Maybe that could work in your Lankhmar game?
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        A bard could be done with Lankhmar as is. It's Elemental Magic with the "element" of performance.

        The core powers could be: Accelerate Healing, Beast Friend, Confusion, Deflection, False Health, Fear, Puppet, Slumber, Stun, and Ward.

        The environment would be an actual performance. So if they wanted to recover Fatigue faster, they'd either need to attend a performance or successfully perform themselves for an extended time (the latter not being "free" since the roll to succeed would suffer the Fatigue penalty).
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